Friday, September 30, 2011

Love Teesha Moore Stamps

I recently purchased some rubber stamps from Teesha Moore. Love those striped legs!
Her work is amazing, very colorful and unique. Check out her web site: Note that when you purchase her stamps, they're not mounted on cling vinyl or wood - so you have to do that step yourself. It's not hard, you just need the right tools. An electric exacto knife works great.

Here some of the projects I made with her stamps. The images work great on shrink plastic too.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Finds From Petaluma

Last weekend I was up in Petaluma, CA at the Art Is You Retreat. I attended the Artist Trunk Show as well as the Petaluma Antique Fair that weekend. I just wanted to share with you my finds.

This was the scene at the Art is You Retreat...
 And these are the items I purchased from there...
This is the scene from the Antique Street Fair. The weather turned out to be cold and kinda wet.
Love this cute little toy's a music box too! One drawer I filled with vintage plastic charms that I bought from a vendor at the street fair.

Love these vintage kids baking pans. My daughter Rachel has been playing with the Easy Bake Oven and likes to use mini pans.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burning House Project...The Antropologist

Have you heard of the Burning House photographic project? It's about identifying & photographing the items you would take with you if your house was burning: ... and you had time to get them. Paula Cheney from 7-Gypsies is currently posting about the Burning House on her blog. She asked me to participate, check it out: What would you take? Also look at the site: for other examples.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dee Foust Santos Workshop @ Petaluma

Wow, another great workshop today with Dee Foust at the Art Is You Retreat in Petaluma. I made this Santos doll, about 24" tall.
Dee is a fabulous teacher, read more about her: She just released a new bedding line and was once editor of Home & Garden magazine.
 This is what we started with...a block of foam. I'm thinking, no way is this going to be a doll.
We shaped the block into a body...not bad huh?
 Here's the class busy at work.
Here's my Santos coming together.
It was an ambitious project...don't think anyone finished by the end of class.  Here's my sister Maryl's Santos doll, so cute.
Me and the teach.
 Amy Powers was at the event too - I love her work!
This weekend was also the celebration of my sister, Pat's birthday. My sister Diana first taught Pat how to make a wool roving scarf. It turned out beautiful!

 Then we worked on a 7 Gypsies kit...what a fun day it was creating. It was a great project!
This weekend I also went to the Trunk Show at the Art Is You Retreat and found some wonderful items from the artist & vendors from the retreat and then Sunday morning, before the Santos class, we also got to sneak in at the Petaluma Antique Faire and found some more great TREASURES. I'll share with you later in the week all my findings from this weekend! Phew, I need another weekend to rest from my weekend.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

JoAnnA Pierotti Old Soule Workshop @ Petaluma

Today, I spent a wonderful day with JoAnna Pierotti learning how to make her adorable dolls. This is my finished project.
 These are the kits JoAnna gave out - I love the draw as the holder.
 Pieces of our kit...
 JoAnna doing Show 'n Tell...
Our class room...
The first phase of class was painting the head. This was my attempt, she looks like a young girl with very tiny lips.
 These are the dolls made by the other students in the class...not all of them finished.
 My sister and her project.
Thanks JoAnna - I LOVED the class!

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's What's On My Table Tonight

This is what's on my craft table tonight...
I've been working on gathering items for a workshop I'm taking next week (plus I have some other odds and ends there too - I love that vintage school photo). I'll be at the "Art Is...You" retreat in Petaluma. My first workshop will be with JoAnna Pierotti making an Olde Soul doll. We need to bring some vintage lace, fabrics and embellishments.

I'm really looking forward to the class. I'm also taking the Santos workshop on Sunday from Dee Foust. I'm so excited, I just love those Santos cage dolls and to learn how to make them will be very cool!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mother Daughter Workshop

Yesterday, my daughter and I hosted a mother-daughter workshop. I taught a shrink plastic workshop to the adults at the same time my daughter, Rachel, taught a polymer clay workshop for Valerie's daughter, Nina. This was Rachel's first time teaching. It worked out perfectly and something we'll continue to offer. Rachel is so creative and she enjoys showing people how to do what she loves best.

Here's where the adults played. I made folders for each student filled with a variety of shrink plastics.
 Two of my sisters, Diana & Maryl. They came early to help me setup.
Valerie and my sister Lana also came early to help me get ready. Thanks for rolling up my ribbon guys!

The adults had a fun time playing with the shrink plastic. We stamped, colored, punched, cut, glued, baked and laughed - what more could you ask for?
Here's some of our finished projects...

Here's Rachel with Nina looking at Rachel's completed samples. Nina picked out the projects she wanted to make.
The girls busy at work at their table.
Nina's completed projects - so adorable. My favorites, Chinese take out box, hamburger and spaghetti and meatball (maybe I'm just hungry).
It was really a fun day! If you're interested in Rachel hosting a class for your kids (minimum age 10), let me know. If you're interested in the shrink plastic workshop, I'm open to hosting another class on Saturday, Oct. 29th 1-4pm, cost: $32. Rachel will also be available during the same time to host the ploymer clay workshop, cost: $20.