Thursday, August 31, 2017

Whimsical Collages Using Tim Holtz Paper Dolls

I was at Michael's the other day and found this pack of 107 pieces of vintage photos all individually cut out - nice!
So, I couldn't wait to start making something with them. For this set, I used various envelopes and followed a style that's similar to Lynn Whipple and techniques I've learned from Robin Marie Smith.
This is the first one I created and after that, I quickly brought out more envelopes to collage.
 First, I added some neutral vintage text paper to each envelope.
If you follow me, you know I love this metro issue paper, so I tore bits and pieces of that and glued them onto the envelopes.
Then I added some pieces of colored tissue paper to each envelope.
 Followed by some random pieces of black and white accent papers.
Last step was to add a white wash with some gesso.
Then, I glued on one of the images from Tim's pack of vintage photos and just added white dots and accents to each of the images. Adding fun hats, wings and a red nose makes for a whimsical collage.
These put a smile on my face and I feel so free and easy to create these when you know the sillier the better.  :-)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Paige Girls with Glasses

I sketched some new Paige dolls lately, just on scrap paper and tags I had lying around. Then I also found a small bags of black glasses I had punched out awhile ago and thought, wouldn't it be cute to add them to my Paige dolls. Here are the results...
I used a stabilo pencil, water colors and black and white pens to draw the girls and backgrounds.

Here's a closer look. I like adding pieces of paper as accents to the tags.
I also love adding black and white striped accents. In the one below, I used some of my printed tissue paper for accents.
I think the glasses add a fun character and I like how they're a bit oversize. The die cut for the glasses are by Impression Obsession DIE048-E.
I hope I've inspired you to add some fun glasses to your dolls.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Painted Paper Bags

I was looking for a quick art project do to with my family and found this cute idea of painting brown paper bags.
It's an easy project, you only need a few supplies: paper bags, white paint, paint brush and black marking pens. For a fun option, you can adhere these clear pockets to the front of the bag, to insert another accent or message. I found the clear pockets in the dollar section at Target.
You simply use white acrylic paint and paint the front side of the paper bag.
Let the paint completely dry. Then using a thick sharpie or paint, make some black marks/designs on your bag.
Then roll down the top edge.
I filled my bags with artificial flowers, but think a better idea would be to put small mason jars inside filled with water and add fresh flowers.
My sister, Diana, made these adorable bags...
I hope you give this project a try, it's fun and easy.