Sunday, January 31, 2016

My 2016 Planner & More Pages From My Big Art Journal

I love to re-purpose my art journal pages into something else and recently, I took one of my favorite pages and made a cover for my 2016 notebook/planner.
I use the Levenger system for my notebook. It uses the disk bindings where pages can be easily added and removed. The cover is 6" x 8". I took a copy of my journal page and glued it to black card stock. I added doodles with a white pen and then added some black and white paper on the right edge.
I love to add embellished Project Life cards (pink and white striped scalloped card) throughout my notebook for an added touch.The 2016 black and white stripe calendar, shown under my notebook, is from Target, made by Sugar Paper. Then I found a black and white polka dot file folder to compliment my notebook and calendar perfectly. I love how the three of them look together!

Now, on to my large art journal. I love working in it almost every night.
 Below are pictures from inside my art journal that I recently finished.
My pages are inspired by Roben Marie Smith, Rae Missigman and Pam Garrison. As you can see, I've been using my new technique for black script doodles on some of my pages.
As you might have read from my previous post, this is actually an Urban Outfitter's catalog that I collaged and painted over.
The size is 12" x 14".
Would you believe I still have another 30 more pages to complete before my journal is full? This was a really thick catalog!

Looking forward to this upcoming weekend, as my daughter will be a guest at LA Cookie Con. This year it's at the LA Convention Center...should be fun!
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Finished Mini Art Journal & Starting Large One

I'm thrilled that I finished my mini art doll journal, but I didn't hesitate to start a new one. I decided to go much bigger this time! The large one is about four times the size as my mini journal, pictured in the center. 
The large journal is actually made from an Urban Outfitter Holiday catalog they gave out free in the stores. The catalog measures 12" x 14" and is made of non-glossy heavy paper - I picked up two :-).
Below are pictures from my large art journal/catalog...
 I used white gesso, acrylic paints and distress inks.
A couple of the black flowers are stickers that my cousin gave us from Paris.
I liked the black flower stickers so much, that I tried recreating something similar to use on some of my other pages.
 I like the pop of the thick black drawings.
 As you can see, I also love bright colors and flowers.
I get my inspiration from these wonderful artists: Pam Garrison, Roben Marie Smith and Rae Missigman.
I'm also using stencils and stamps on my pages. It's fun to use some of my supplies that I've been collecting.
40 more pages to go, this project should last me awhile. Sorry models, I'll be covering you up soon.

Now to show you the final pages of my mini doll art journal...
I'm scanning each page of my mini journal, hoping to create greeting cards or post cards from them.
I'm planning on teaching my midori notebook and black ink drawings soon - hope you might be able to join me!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Watercolor Class Taught By My Sister

My sister, Pat has been painting with watercolors for several years now and she has created some beautiful pieces.
Today, to celebrate my sister, Frances's birthday, we asked Pat to teach us some watercolor techniques.
This was Pat's first time teaching and she did a great job showing us beginners how to paint.
Everyone created some beautiful pieces.
And Pat was there to help us each step of the way.
It was amazing to see how just a few colors, some warm and some cool can make so many different colors.
What a fun way to spend the day together...I love our birthday celebrations!
Thanks Pat for teaching a wonderful class and bringing all the supplies and samples for us. I had a great time! Happy Birthday Frances!