Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun With Bird Houses & My Paige Dolls

I'm still looking around for items to paint my Paige dolls on, and I remembered I had these wooden birdhouses. Below is a picture of how I transformed the birdhouses into Paige homes!
I started by applying white gesso to the bird houses. I actually used the back side of the houses to paint the Paige dolls on since it doesn't have a hole.
The next step was to use my Peerless watercolors and paint my Paige doll.
I also used the Peerless watercolors to paint the house colors too.
I found the hardest part of making these homes is knowing when to stop adding embellishments. My first Paige house is the one in the middle with dark brown hair and green metro tissue dress.
As you can see, the middle house has lots of doodles, stamps, embellishments and rub-ons, while the other two are simpler. I also tried perching the houses on top of a wooden spool to give it some height. Below are pictures of the different sides of the houses.
I had fun using my black pen, embellishments, stamps and rub-ons to enhance the houses.
Use the same techniques you would use on an art journal, but apply it to a bird house.
These houses were so much fun to paint, I hope you give it a try!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Today, I decided to paint one of my Paige dolls wearing a bunny hat, in honor of Easter.
Here's a picture of how it started. I used my Peerless watercolors to paint the first stage.
Then I used a stabilo charcoal pencil to outline the doll. And as always, I added my metro tissue for the dress.
Happy Easter!