Sunday, May 18, 2014

Roben Marie Smith Projects & Tim Holtz Doll

I recently signed up for two online classes from Roben-Marie Smith. She's a wonderful artist with amazing classes you can take right from your computer. Below is the project I made after taking her Clutch Play workshop.

In the class, she teaches you how to transform a plain piece of fabric into a clutch and a journal. It was an amazing class and I was able to use all the stencils I've been collecting, and also have some fun with my Gelli plate.
I decided to make up my own inside journal pages by sewing bits of scrap paper and embellishments over plain white paper. These are just a few of the pages...
Below is a shot of the fronts...
 And here are the backs...

Then the online other class I signed up for is called, Art Journal Conversation. I actually haven't finished watching all 4+ hours of videos yet, but I love what I've made already. Here's some pictures of my work in progress...
 I added many layers of paint...
Then some white accents...
 More layers of paint...
Below is a picture of how my hands looked splattering black and white dots everywhere. After I was done, I found dots on my clothes, toes, table, monitor, wine glass, haha...
 But I just love how the finished pages look...
I can only describe them as "yummy" since they look so rich and colorful...I love all the shapes, textrues...Roben Marie Smith is amazing! 
Just about every page has some script writing...each one about the love of sisterhood! I feel so fortunate to have 5 sisters to share our creative passion (and fashion) together!
I made a total of 17 pages! I haven't even finished watching the rest of her class, but I think we're supposed to turn these pages into journal covers - how cool! I might be scanning these pages so I can re-use them on other projects too,

Also, I'm so happy to see my doll that I made for Tim Holtz at the International Quilt Show, held this weekend in Pittsburgh. I used his fabric for the dress, arms/legs and tote. Thanks Paula for posting this on Facebook!

And lastly, I have to show you what my sister Diana made for me.
A totally adorable embellished envelope and all those journal cards - also inspired from Roben-Marie Smith. I just love the girl she used for the envelope! I have to send these to Stampington :-)

Looking forward to a three day weekend coming up...yay!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Making New Dolls

In the last couple weeks, I worked on creating some new dolls. I'm still so inspired from the doll making online class I took from Danita that I keep making new ones.
I found that making them in an assembly line is very efficient, so I started four at once. Here's some pictures of my work in progress...
Cutting the doll shape.
Dolls all stuffed.
Painting the flesh color faces.
Adding faces and hair...and they're coming to life.
I finished two of the four dolls...
My blondie with black horn rim glasses.
I tried something new this time and added wire in the legs and arms so the dolls are now poseable.
My red head in Tim Holtz fabric.

And on a last note, here's another sample I made for RedLead using their adorable chip board dresses.
Hope all the mothers out there enjoyed a wonderful weekend, as I know I did! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rhinestone & Pearl Necklace, Flea Market Finds & More

I haven't made a necklace in awhile and have been wanting a rhinestone and pearl short necklace. Most of the necklaces I've made in the past have been long, but sometimes I've been wanting to wear a short piece. Below is a picture of my finished necklace...
Here's a few steps of my work in progress...
 I took apart some vintage necklaces to reconstruct them back together again...
My new necklace is made from four necklaces and a rhinestone pin. I added a hand dyed rayon ribbon for a finishing touch.
I've worn it several times already and can't wait to make more, possibly to sell? I had an opportunity to go to the Alameda Pt. Flea Market today and I thought it would be fun to hunt for more vintage necklaces. Well I hit the jackpot...
I found a great assortment of rhinestone and pearl pieces - necklaces, bracelets & pins. These will make some beautiful new jewelry pieces.
Here are some of my other finds from the flea market.
I'm collecting black bound cover vintage books - thanks to Paula C.
Wooden hangers...not sure what to do with these yet.
Vintage journal ledgers - nice small sizes. Plastic eye glass case.
Wire display turns too.
Perfect for holding my washi tape collection. 
It's been awhile since I've been to the flea market - it was definitely fun! I'll have to go back more often. ;-)

And on a last note, I'm thrilled to be in the latest issue of Somerset Studio with two of my necklace pieces.

I hope you had a great weekend!