Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Projects: Necklace, Top & Quilt

In one of my previous post, I mentioned how I learned to crochet so that I could make a necklace. I took this course from Robin Dudley Howes, Eclectic Beaded Crochet Jewelry.  The on-line course is hosted on Jeanne Oliver's web site. This is my second crochet necklace/bracelet I've made.
I just gathered up bits and pieces of beads, buttons, ribbon and charms and did a simple chain stitch to put it all together.
You could wear it as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist many times for a bracelet.  It's a fun quick project and a great way to use up some of your beads and buttons.

I also wanted to share my next project - a top I made from a table cloth.
I was at a garage sale and saw this beautiful April Cornell oval table cloth. I loved the colors and thought that would make an adorable top or tote. So for $7, my sister Diana and I bought it and split it. I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I mimicked a top I bought at Target and made this top.
Front view
I found this matching color fringe at Joann's that I thought added a fun touch.
Back view
Not sure if I like the front or back better, but I can probably wear them both ways.

And last but not least, in most of my free time I've been quilting. While in Hawaii a few months ago, we learned this quilting technique called Paper Piecing. I've been addicted to it and love working on it all the time.
These are my square pieces of black and white fabric all cut up and ready to sew.
I baste each fabric square around some paper.
And then I'm hand sewing them into 9 block squares. I need to make 54 of these blocks and I'm about half way there. Then there's lots of white blocks I need to surround these blocks with and I haven't started those yet. So, I figure I'm about a year away from finishing this quilt, but that's okay, it's so fun to work on. :-)

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

More Shrink Plastic Projects

I made a couple more shrink plastic projects, from Stephanie Rubiano's Danity Diorama class.
 As you know, I primarily create with black and white and then like to add a bit of color.
These pieces are about 2" x 3" (excluding the stand on the first piece). Shrink plastic makes for creating very small projects. :-)

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Itsy Bitsy Shrink Plastic Dome Figurine

Stephanie Rubiano posted a free workshop on Cloche Encounters of the Miniature kind. Using shrink plastic and Tim Holtz's Ideology dome, I made this teenie tiny project. The dome is about an 1" wide and about an 1" tall.
That's probably the smallest project I've ever made. Check out her free on-line tutorial on how to make this mini dome project.

I'm also taking an on-line class on Eclectic Beaded Crochet from Robin Dudley-Howes. I didn't know how to crochet before this class, but it's actually pretty simple.
 I'm starting with a simple white pearl necklace.
Now, I'm collecting bits and pieces for my next crochet necklace, trying to find unusual pieces that will go together.
We'll see what kind of necklace I can make with various bits and pieces.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

More Dainty Dioramas ...

I made another Dainty Diorama this weekend, thanks to Stephanie Rubiano on-line class. Shrink Plastic is so much fun and using Time Holtz's Ideology vignette boxes makes it so easy.
My sister, Diana, is also taking this class and here's the adorable project she made. Mushrooms are her passion - she goes mushroom hunting, loves to cook with mushrooms and collects mushroom items!
These are so fun  to make - hope you give it a try.

Go Warriors!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Danity Diorama - Stephanie Rubiano Class

I'm taking this adorable "Danity Diorama" on-line class from Stephanie Rubiano. Of course I have to use my black and white striped washi tape for the box border.
The girl and wings are actually shrink plastic. This box is only 5" x 3".  I love this class, Stephanie shares lots of tips and tricks that I didn't know!

Hope you're having a great long weekend.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Collage Pieces

I was so inspired by Roben Marie Smith's 100 day project, that I had to give her style a chance. I also was inspired by a new artist I'm following, Julie Hamilton. Here are a few pages I made recently.
A good way to use up scrap and have fun cutting and pasting.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Daughter On The Today Show

I'm so excited and proud that my daughter, Rachel, appeared on the Today Show last week. My daughter has a YouTube channel, KawaiiSweetWorld, where she bakes cute looking desserts.  A couple weeks ago the Today Show reached out to her to see if she would demonstrate a couple of her recipes. Rachel and I went to New York this past week for the taping.

Here's the segment that was aired on TV.

We had a great time in New York and it was such an experience to be at the NBC studios! Here's some pictures from our trip and some behind the scene shots.

Rockefeller Center
Empire State Building
Now, to adjust from jet lag. Have a great week!