Sunday, June 10, 2018

Itsy Bitsy Shrink Plastic Dome Figurine

Stephanie Rubiano posted a free workshop on Cloche Encounters of the Miniature kind. Using shrink plastic and Tim Holtz's Ideology dome, I made this teenie tiny project. The dome is about an 1" wide and about an 1" tall.
That's probably the smallest project I've ever made. Check out her free on-line tutorial on how to make this mini dome project.

I'm also taking an on-line class on Eclectic Beaded Crochet from Robin Dudley-Howes. I didn't know how to crochet before this class, but it's actually pretty simple.
 I'm starting with a simple white pearl necklace.
Now, I'm collecting bits and pieces for my next crochet necklace, trying to find unusual pieces that will go together.
We'll see what kind of necklace I can make with various bits and pieces.


  1. That's pretty amazing how you can fit all those pieces in that teeny tiny dome...really cute! Also, I love how your crochet necklace came out...beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing your cute mini shrinky dink in a dome and the free
    tutorial. Great composition, lots of details. What a great idea, a crochet
    necklace incorporating vintage pieces.

  3. thanks for sharing.. what a tiny dome.. love the crochet beading too..