Sunday, October 25, 2015

DIY Hot Glue Stencils

I've been seeing some articles and YouTube videos on making your own stencils from hot glue and I was excited to try it out. This is a picture of using my new glue stencils and spraying ink over them.
I made flowers and doodles from my hot glue gun on top of a non-stick surface. Let it cool before you peel them off.
It's really fun and easy! These are all the different shapes I made.
Then you just take a few of them on place them in your journal and use some spray ink.
It's amazing, how easy it is to use and the results are some great patterns on your page.
Pictured below are some pages I sprayed with my new stencils. It makes a great first layer.
Below is a picture where I used the residue of the ink on the stencils to make an image and then added water colors to the page.
I added some acrylic paint for the next layer.
The next step was to add some doodles with black and white pens and it really comes to life. These will be great pages to scan and then use on other projects.
I also used my new glue stencils on one of my pages in my latest journal I made in Roben's class.
And after adding doodles, stamps and paper, this is how the finished page looked, 
I used some of Roben Marie's stamps to finish the page. The girl stamp is from Ashley Goldberg. Using the hot glue stencils are a great first layer to your art journal pages. I hope you give it a try!

On another note, I'm so happy to be published in the latest issue of Somerset Studio (Winter Issue),
My stuffed Paige dolls and a little journal I made were published in this issue.
I also saw some of my work mentioned in an ad for a future issue of Somerset Studio cool!
And, if you seen the latest issue of Somerset Life, I have an article published for some envelope art. I don't have the actual issue yet, but it's there :-)
Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!


  1. WOW, what an interesting technique for making stencils. Looks like fun and
    like the way you kept building on it to create a beautiful finished piece that can be used for many things. Congrats again on being published in Somerset Studio - it'll be fun to see your Paige dolls in print as well as your little journal.

  2. Hey Connie!! Congratulations on your publications!! :)

  3. Bravo Amazing!! Well deserved! you always share such unique ideas and i still don't get how you do it all...You are one of my heroes xoxoox
    Laura H :)

  4. Dear Connie , I have been following your work closely for the past months and years . I saw your last publication into the Somerset Studio , this is WOW.I love your style , you sensibility, your sense of humour and so poetic . That is my king of art . You know how to present vintage paper so beautifully .
    I am so inspired by your work . MERCI ! And keep going ! Dominique A-Bennani

  5. Hi Connie,
    Your published work looks so stunning.
    Your art work is breathtaking, just love it all.
    Big Hugs.xoxo