Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Another On-Line Class from Wendy Brightbill

"All Things Paper", is the name of my latest on-line class I'm taking from Wendy Brightbill.
We're learning how to paint abstract loose florals on vintage media, build some collage pieces, create a felted journal and so much more. Below is a picture of a floral I painted on a copy of a journal cover.
 Abstract florals on black gesso.
 It's fun to paint knowing it's not a realistic image, but just your impression. :-)
I'll try to scan these images and turn them into greeting cards, notebooks or something. I'm in the process of making the felted journals - stay tuned.

Hope you're having a good week!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Great Class from Kelly Rae Roberts

I'm taking Kelly Rae Roberts on-line class called. Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras and I just love it!
These are all the pieces I've made so far on canvas boards. I'm glad I found another use for my Paige dolls.
Here's some close up shots...
As you might have noticed, I re-used some of my older girls I painted in my large journal and embellished them a bit more.
I really had fun with the collage pieces - the bird above the the flower below. It's a great way to use up scrap pieces.
 I made pieces from 12"x12" to very small 2"x2" pieces.
 I used vintage wall paper and floral napkins for some of the background images.
Finding floral napkins is a fun hobby. They work great on collage pieces, as long as you separate all the napkins layers and only use the very top printed layer...which will be very transparent.
Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Selling My Own Washi Tape

Thanks to Mindy Lacefield's class on "Create your own Washi Tape, Stickers and Pouches", I now have some of my own Paige Doll washi tape for sale...how cool is that?
The washi tape is a 1" wide and 32 feet long and has 5 of my Paige paper doll designs printed on them.
It's so amazing to see my original Paige paper dolls next to the washi tape with the same design- it's like magic. :-)
I'm really impressed with the quality of the washi tape, just like store bought. The color is great, it tears easy with just your fingers and sticks well to paper.
They're great to use on your planner, manila tag or any scrap paper where you need just a little girl embellishment.

I'm selling them for $5 a roll plus shipping. Message me at artfulplay@gmail.com if you would like to purchase a roll.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Playing With Tea Bags

I've been wanting to make something with tea bags, because I love the color and texture of the bag. I don't drink tea, but my girl friend saved me her used bags and so I was all set.
I dried them out on a rack and then carefully opened up the bags and dumped out the tea leaves.
I saved the tags too,
I used a liquid adhesive, like mod podge and adhered the tea bag to various printed tissue papers.
For my first piece I decided to use one of the images from Tim Holtz's vintage paper doll pack.
I cut pieces of the tea bag to make dresses for each of the girls.
I added some embellishments and a ribbon around the frame. 
The next piece is a little dress I cut out from one of the tea bags.
I hope you make something fun with your tea bags!
Have a great week!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Valentine Shaker Cards For Sale

I drew this girl with a black pen and watercolors during my trip to Japan last April.
The heart in her hand made me think of Valentine's Day and so I decided to make her into a shaker card.
If you would like one, message me at artfulplay@gmail.com and I'll send one out to you just in time for Valentine's Day. I'm selling them for $2 ea.

Sneak peak at some tea bag art coming next post. Save your tea bags, you'll want to try this one.
Happy Sunday!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Flower Planter - Love Black & White!

I love most things that are black and white and irregular dots are one of my favorite patterns. I fell in love with this planter my sister, Diana, bought me from Anthropology.
I filled it was some assorted pink flowers...
And then I thought it was still missing something, so I embellished her dress.
I'm really happy with how it came out. Thanks Diana for thinking of me when you saw this!

And speaking of my love for black and white. I just put out my new polka dot rug I got from our sample sale awhile back and a new blanket I picked up from Target this weekend! It's so fun hunting for new black and white items for my home.

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lots of New Paper Dolls & Bday Celebration

This was what was on my craft table these past few weeks... 
Blythe dolls looking over my paper dolls. I've been on a roll and painted 50+ faces...
cut them out and dressed them. Making their dressing is probably my favorite part, I feel like a clothes designer - haha.
Not sure what to make these into yet, but it sure has been keeping me busy. 

We did use some of them this weekend to decorate my sister, Maryl's bday table.
Happy Birthday Maryl!
We made Anna Griffin box cards as our craft project for the event. We added some of our own elements, Catherine Moore and Tim Holtz images.
It was a great day being with my five sisters!
Hope you had a great weekend!
My winter Bylthe doll.