Monday, November 28, 2016

Handmade Envelopes for Sale

If you've been following me lately, you know I've been into making colorful background paper. I've turned the paper into envelopes/pockets - great for holding coupons, receipts or gift cards.

I made a few extra envelopes to sell, if you're interested - $8 each.
Three of them have sold already, it's kinda hard to tell, but they say "Sold" over the image (in the second row).
They're approximately 7" x 4". They have various patterns inside, but you can tell from the cover if you look close at the border edge. Just message me if you would like to buy one and let me know the row and column of the one you want. 


Monday, November 21, 2016

My Artful Envelopes

I've been having fun playing with paint and creating background papers. I decided to turn some of them into envelopes/pouches.
They're approximately 6" x 4", each one unique and hand painted. Below is a picture of the back side.
Next are a few pictures of the one I made for my sister, Diana as part of her bday gift.
I put an elastic closure around them
They have a shallow pocket for coupons or maybe receipts. 
I think these could make great little stocking stuffers or a cute pouch to tuck in a gift card.
I'm in the process of making more. If you're interested in purchasing one, I'm thinking of selling them for $8 each + shipping (sorry, paper dolls not included). Message me if you'd like to buy one and I can keep you posted once I have them done.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Roben-Marie Class & Ashley Goldberg Dolls

I just completed a wonderful new on-line class from Roben-Marie Smith called Paper to Painting Workshop.
 Lots of layers of paper, paints, pens, tissue, etc.
I ended up taking one piece of background paper and turned them into notepads. I added copies of my dolls and some white labels, I made from Powerpoint.
I made a bunch of color copies, cut them up, stacked them together and added a book compound adhesive to one side so you can easily pull off one sheet at a time. I think these will make cute packing labels.
Thanks Roben-Marie for a really fun class!

My other favorite artist is Ashley Goldberg, I've bought many of her stamps. She recently created a line of dolls for Land of Nod and I just had to get a couple. Meet Charlotte and Lydia...
I just love their outfits and accessories, but I had to change it up slightly by adding some pink cheeks, red lips and a little white dot in the eyes.

Have a great week!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Neck-ware Bling

Sometimes a little bling with jeans is the perfect accessory for a little uptown chic. This weekend I made four rhinestone necklaces for something fun to wear.
I used a two part epoxy clay to hold the chain to the center piece, It works great, much better than E6000 and so easy too. 
Might be cute to layer with other jewelry pieces too.

Thanks to my sister, Diana, for giving me the inspiration necklace.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Painting Workshop

This weekend I taught a painting/notebook workshop at my house with some of my sisters and dear friends. We played with lots of yummy colors and got them all over our hands!
Below are lots of pictures from our workshop...
My sister Maryl
My friends Laura & Nily
My sisters Diana & Pat
My sister Diana, Pat and friend Valerie
My friend Lois, sister Maryl and friend Andra
My friend Lois
My friend Valerie and me
My sister Maryl & Andra
My sisters Diana, Pat and friend Valerie 

Some of our finished notebooks
Group shot
Valerie & me
I had a great time playing with paint with everyone! Thank you all for your kind, yummy and creative gifts, you're all so thoughtful! It was a lovely day spending time with each of you! xo...Connie

Sunday, October 16, 2016

More Painting & Making Notebooks

I've been having so much fun playing with paint and making color background papers. This time I used the Target brand paints, they have such great colors.
I reused some of my previously painted Paige dolls and put them on my new backgrounds for new cards
I came up with the 7 new card designs..
As you might noticed, each of these new cards uses a small piece of an old chalkboard calendar boarder under the girls.
I also added my signature scribble flower on each card.
I almost love my under cover paper, that I use to protect my table as much as the actual background paper. It could make great wrapping paper, don't you think?
Then, I decided to try making notebooks with my card designs. I experimented with a bunch of different styles and sizes.
Mini notepads with glued adhesive on one side. 
Sewn & stapled pocket notebooks
Wire bound notebooks
Plastic and disc bound notebooks
I think my favorites are the mini glued adhesive pads, great size for carrying in your purse for small notes. These are about 2" x 3" and really quick to make. I got so ambitious making notebooks that I invested in a stack cutter.
This baby can supposedly cut 400 sheets of paper like butter. I've only tried cutting a stack of like 30 pages and it works great. More notebooks to come. :-)

I'm teaching this Saturday and hope to show them how I make some of these notebooks, among some of my other painting tips.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

More Paige Dolls

I've been busy painting more Paige dolls on my latest background pages. Below are photos of my new pieces.
I scanned each picture and for a limited time I'll sell a set of my 10 cards (with envelopes) for $12 plus shipping & handling..
The cards are 3"x 4" in size. If you're interested in a set, please email at: with your mailing address and I'll calculate the shipping costs and arrange payment.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a great weekend!