Sunday, August 20, 2017

Painted Paper Bags

I was looking for a quick art project do to with my family and found this cute idea of painting brown paper bags.
It's an easy project, you only need a few supplies: paper bags, white paint, paint brush and black marking pens. For a fun option, you can adhere these clear pockets to the front of the bag, to insert another accent or message. I found the clear pockets in the dollar section at Target.
You simply use white acrylic paint and paint the front side of the paper bag.
Let the paint completely dry. Then using a thick sharpie or paint, make some black marks/designs on your bag.
Then roll down the top edge.
I filled my bags with artificial flowers, but think a better idea would be to put small mason jars inside filled with water and add fresh flowers.
My sister, Diana, made these adorable bags...
I hope you give this project a try, it's fun and easy.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Printing On Tissue Paper

It all started when I found a cute 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper at Michael's - it's by Recollections and it's called Typewriter Font. I wanted to use this paper in my latest pocket journal, but I needed it to be transparent.

I love using tissue paper in my art journals, it adds a great layer. Below, is a picture of how I used a thin strip of the scrapbook paper that I copied onto tissue paper.
It's really simple to copy a design on tissue paper. All you have to do it cut out a piece of white tissue paper slightly larger than a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.
Use a glue stick and glue around the perimeter of  a piece of plain paper and then lay the blank tissue paper on top. Trim the tissue paper to the exact size of the paper. Initially, I tried to cut the tissue paper to be the exact size, but it was more difficult to line up the tissue perfectly on the paper.

Copy your design on this piece of paper. using your copier/printer and then carefully pull up the tissue from the plain paper.

Here's all the designs I copied. The tissue paper I copied are on the top row and the bottom row are the originals I used to make the copies.

Here's some pictures of how I used the tissue paper in my latest pocket journal. I like just tearing random pieces and gluing them on the page with liquid medium.
I made this pocket journal after taking the on-line class from Rae and Sandi on the site, Art to the 5th Academy. It was a fun project.
Front cover
Back cover
The pages are made up from random pieces of paper that are tied to the cover.

I hope you give this technique a try, it's pretty cool!

And lastly, a couple pictures of my Blythe dolls on my craft table.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

My New Blythe Doll (in Japan)

During my trip to Japan in April, I bought my first Blythe doll. I have admired these dolls for years, but you can't buy them in the US on the first market, only in Japan.
They have these adorable stores in Japan, called Junie Moon where you can buy these dolls. Below is a picture of me at the Osaka store.
Junie Moon Store, Osaka
Here are some pictures of my doll dressed in different wigs around the streets of Japan.
Shinjuku Station, Tokyo
Junie Moon Store, Tokyo
Osaka Castle
Tokyo Hands, Craft Store
I love dressing up my doll and taking pictures of her in different settings. 

Here's my Blythe doll at home...

It's been so much fun to dress her up and find different settings for her.

P.S. Responding to Maryl's comment - I did have a pic with my doll @ Daiso.
 The Daiso stores there were like cool!.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Harajuku Girl Tags

A few weeks ago, my sisters and I got together for a very belated bday celebration for my sister, Maryl. Maryl picked as an activity to have lunch together and make some tags.
We picked using these Harajuku girls for our theme. I found some images on-line and we cut them up and used tissue and scrap paper to embellish them.
My sister, Frances also collected these Harajuku perfume bottles - so cute! Here's some more pictures of all the tags we made...
Diana's tags
Fran's tags
Maryl's tags
Pat's tags
My tags
My sister, Lana and Pat opted to use some images from Lynne Perrella...
Lana's tags
Happy Be-lated Birthday Maryl!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Paint Box Junk Journal

After taking a wonderful Junk Journal class from Lisa Guerin, I couldn't wait to make another one on my own. I was looking for a small book to use as the encasement, but couldn't find the right size, so I opted to use an old paint box.

Since I was using a paint box as my book cover, I chose to add lots of bright color to my pages, by using colored tissue paper.
I collaged the cover of the paint box with paper, paint, stamps and other embellishments.
The inside is made up from an accordion folded manila folder that's been stained. 
I just glued one end of the accordion fold onto the inside cover.
Most of the images are from the new Lynne Perrella stamps I just purchased. I also used some stamps from Catherine Moore and Tim Holtz.
I guess you can make a book/journal out of most anything.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Junk Journal Project

A few weeks ago I took an amazing Junk Journal class from Lisa Guerin, hosted at my sister, Lana's house. It was so much fun and I learned so much. Below are pictures of my project.
Lisa provided each of us old book covers that we altered and used to create our art journal inside. We stenciled some designs on the cover, but I wasn't happy with how mine came out, so I added additional collage elements on top.

The inside pages are made from manila folders, that we stained with tea and coffee and then added ink stains as well.
Lisa provided so many elements for us to fill our journal with, some stamped with images from Lynne Perrella. I love Lynne's images and immediately came home and purchased 6 sets of her stamps.
 The butterfly images above is from Tim Holtz's Stamper Anonymous line.
 I also used some stamps from Catherine Moore, Character Construction.
 It was fun pulling out some of my old stamps, like the topiaries above are from Cavallini.
I can't remember where I purchased the stamped image of the house below, but it's one of my favorites.
You'll also noticed various die cuts, some from Catherine Moore and some from Tim Holtz...they make great accents to a collage.
For additional dimension, I like adding tags and ribbon to the pages as well.
The pages fold out in an accordion style.
Thanks Lisa for inspiring us to make this amazing project, I love how it turned out and you are such a wonderful artist and teacher!

I was excited to make another one, but tried something different and made this one inside an old paint box.
I'll show the inside of this junk journal in my next post.