Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tahoe Weekend

This weekend we went to North Lake Tahoe for (probably) our last ski trip of the season. The weather was nice - a bit cold - but clear blue skies. We skied Saturday and Sunday at Northstar. The resort was not very crowded and the kids did great at skiing. Here a picture of the Northstar Village - it's really fun just to hang out there. The middle area is now a roller blade rink - it was just a ice skating rink during the winter.

Up on one of the ski lifts there's a couple of trees where people have thrown some mardi-gras neclaces. It's so cool!

This is the cart...we are so happy when we can find an available cart to hold all our gear so we don't have to carry it to the car. We've got it loaded with our skies and boots. We found one both days and boy were we happy!

Here's us at the end of the day...relaxing and hanging out.

The kids love the sweet belguim waffles.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cabi Party & Bday Dinner

It's been a long day...can't believe I'm posting tonight. I started off with my morning run at 7:30am - got in 9,800 steps by 8:30am - nice! Now I can eat today and not feel so guilty. Then I was off picking up Frances at 10:00am and we were off to Fremont - first stop Daiso - great Japanese $ store. We only had 30 min before we had to be at Maryl's house. Rachel is getting into making cute little bento boxes - so I had to pick up all the bento supplies - she can't wait to assemble - I'll definitely post once we get some samples made up.

We got to Maryl's by 11:45 to help her with the Cabi party. It was lots of fun - the house looked great - the food was yummy - and unfortunately, I found too many items I couldn't live without.

Then for the evening - we helped celebrate Fran & Ron's kids's bday (Brian & Jason) - by going out to a delicious dinner at Italian Colors. It was so much fun seeing Lennon play with the adorable.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Finds from Craft Depot & More

I had 30 minutes to spare before dinner was ready, so I ran out to Craft Depot and scored some vintage items. Apparently, they just got a load from an estate sale. This is what I got...

Rachel had to draw daffodils for a school assignment, as the poem they have to memorize this week was called "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth. After about half an hour, this is what she came up with, along with a poem to go with it. I'm so proud of her!

Her Poem:

By Rachel Fong

Dancing in the breeze
They seem so graceful
They look like dancers
So pretty, so tasteful

They continue their show
Their leaves flap about
I sit down to watch
For this short prancing route

They are so unaware
Of the audience that looks
They really are fearless
In their flower bed nooks

All the sudden the breeze
Fades to a gust
Is the show going to stop?
With this tiny flurry, it must

All movement stops
The daffodils freeze
The magic is over
Why did it cease?

And did you see the new video promoting the book for Where Woman Create - check it out, it's a nice video of all the artist included in the new book:
scroll down a bit and you'll see the video.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bianca Stationary Kit

One of my favorite ways to create is buying kits. I like having all the supplies in one package and being able to create at my own pace, time, and table. This kit was from Connie Govea Stuart and it was using the Bianca Catherine Moore stamp. The kit came with holder, envelope, paper, stickers, tags, cards and cute bag to embellish. Since I missed her class, I was fortunate enough to buy a kit.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Play Date with Sisters & CGS

Today, was a fun day of Artful Play & a little shopping...Lana, Frances, Maryl & CGS came over for a play date - the theme - Shrink Plastic. Well, first we had to start the day at Craft Depot - we all found some goodness - that was fun. Here's the items I bought.

Then we had to stop at Bake Sale Betty for the chicken sandwich and some sweet goodies. Next we were off to Urban Orr in Berkeley, so Maryl could pick up some old children wooden chairs.
Back at the house, we were off making our shrink plastic art...slow start, but once we got going, we couldn't stop...and here's the effort of our creative work.

While we were all busy making shrink art, Rachel was busy making softies. Here's what she made today...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Finished The Crescendoh Apron Kit

I received the apron kit from Jenny Doh's new venture, Cresendoh, this week and couldn't wait to work on I pretty much devoted the day to it. Here's where you can buy it: I added some of my own fabric, lace, trim and pin. I did some free motion sewing, some free hand embroidery and machine sewing. Here's how it turned out....

I also have to show you something so sweet...I was making Christopher's pasta for dinner tonight and after draining out the pasta, this special heart shape pasta was left in the bottom of the pot - is that too cute. I just had to capture it and shared it with you. Christopher, my first born and already 14 years old, soon to be 15 in just 2 months - wow, how the time flies.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Fabric Charms

I just bought the latest issue of Art Quilting Studio (Spring 2010) - another one of the Stampington publications that I just love. I barely got into it, in fact page 13, when i saw these adorable necklaces made from fabric - I couldn't wait to make some myself. As I read the article and turned the page, guess who they were created by...none other than our good friend, Connie Govea Stuart. Well, here's our version of her necklace charms...thanks for the inspiration CGS! I made three of them that same night...then Rachel couldn't wait to make some she made two of them...and we just love them! It's a great idea, so simple - yet so charming.

I captured a picture of Rachel practicing her violin this week...she really enjoys playing and she's good too!

And then I bought one of Jenny Doh's apron kits from her new site...can't wait to make it...
So happy tomorrow is Friday and weekend plans are shaping up. My husband is doing a one day ski trip on Saturday with a friend - so I have the kids Saturday. Sunday, we have a artful playdate with CGS and sisters - can't wait.

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Things...

Today, I received my Easter kit from Julie's a kit to make 8 little chickie baskets - just love the colors and how it's all packaged together - just might have to save this one for the family Easter party (who's hosting?) - I like to have a small project to do with the girls.

I'm coming along on my embroidery sampler - few more new items added this week...still following Teresa McFayden ezine embroidery class. And just thought I'd share my floss holder - love how you can see all the colors.

I purchased this set of old embroidery hankies from the Addison sale last weekend - aren't they precious.

Made my weekly trip to Craft depot today. Scored with some tags ($1.50 for the lot), old lace (less than $2 for the entire bolt), old paint brushes (reserved for CGS), & more.