Monday, June 30, 2014

Mixed Media House Workshop & Published Articles

This past weekend I taught a workshop on how to make mixed media houses. The students made these adorable houses...
The foundation of these houses came from RedLead. They have a web site: that sells adorable wooden trinkets that you can use in so many ways.

Several students brought their family photos to use to make their projects more personal, I just love them!
It was such a fun workshop...thanks to my sister Frances for hosting!

In other news, I have 5 articles in 3 publications coming out in July: Somerset Studio, Somerset Life and Jewelry Affaire. Thanks to Stampington for selecting my projects and doing such a fabulous job photographing them..I'm thrilled!
In Somerset Studio, I have three articles included and I also made the cover headline for my Teeny Tiny Dolls :-).
The first project below is the shadow box I made from the 7 Gypsies library drawer that was displayed at the CHA show.

The second article features the tags I made from frame stamps that I got from Joann's dollar bin.
The third article is the one featured on the cover; my dolls made from miniature furniture.
Then in the Somerset Life magazine they published the doll I made that was inspired from Claudine Hellmuth book, "Collage Discover Workshop: Beyond The Unexpected"'s a great book with many fun ideas!
The last publication to share with you is Jewelry Affaire, where they featured three necklaces I made for Tim Holtz's CHA booth.
I'm always thrilled to see my work being published - thank you Stampington for making my dreams come true and for creating amazing publications that can inspire so many!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Roben Marie Smith - "Snap and Share" Workshop

I'm definitely on a Roben Marie Smith kick. I'll be showing you the projects I made from her online workshop called "Snap and Share", which is all about taking photos and sharing them through your artwork. I highly recommend the class, it's so much fun!

There are several projects you create in this workshop, I started by making these cards. First I made the backgrounds - Roben style. Instead of using real photos, I opted for adding these adorable girls from AHA art stamps.
The designer of the stamps is Ashley Goldberg; she has some great stamps to use for cards and journaling. You can find her stamps at Paper Source and her Etsy store:

Another project from the Snap and Share workshop was this adorable journal/photo holder. I love the scalloped edge.
Here are pictures of how it opens...
 Inside is a small journal sewn into one side.
And in the back is a pocket made from a used envelope with a window. I inserted a copy of one of the doll cards.
This last project is a mini journal made from manila tags.
Instead of adding photos inside the mini journal, I stamped more of Ashley's adorable girls on the inside pages.
I hope you try taking some of Roben's classes, you'll have fun playing with paint and lots of color!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Roben Marie Smith Project

I recently signed up for a couple more Roben Marie Smith ( online workshops. I just love her style and her classes are great! The projects shown below are from two of her workshops: "Journal Bound" and "Snap and Share".

For this post today I'll share pictures from her online workshop, "Journal Bound". This is the journal opened up. 
It starts with using used newsprint - the stuff you put under your project to protect your table from getting paint on on it.  It makes for great backgrounds!
Next you transform the newsprint by adding various paper circles, paint, stamps, ink, pencils, and you come up with this colorful journal cover. 
Below is a picture of the inside pages I created before it was bound together.
And here's the finished project...
Front cover
Inside pages open up from both sides

I also took Roben's "Snap and Share" workshop - you make some cute projects that you can use to share your photos with. I'll post those pictures later this week. 

I also want to share this amazing paper doll that Laura Haviland sent me - what a fun surprise to open up the mail and see this wonderful doll. Thank you Laura for sharing your lovely art with me. The colors are beautiful and love her whimsy!

Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Make Your Own Sticker Art

I've been busy working on some projects for the last couple weeks, and I didn't have anything finished to share with you until this weekend. I'm so excited about this latest project - making art stickers!
I made these stickers from some of my stenciling/paintings - Roben Marie Smith style. I already had some finished journal pages from a few weeks ago that I used to copy onto white stickers.
I experimented with taping various white stickers onto a 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of paper. Then I used some washi tape to adhere the sticker sheets onto the paper.
Afterwards I just copied my journal pages onto the sticker huh?
Below is another page I copied onto circle stickers.
Next I decided to use a full sheet of stickers like the one below. I found this sticker label pack at Dollar Tree. You get 8 sheets for $1 - what a deal!
You can then use your favorite hole punches and make fun shapes from the sticker page. If you look close, you can see where I put the bow sticker in my planner, in the bottom right corner.
Below are some of my circle art pages I made this weekend...
I probably wouldn't use these as one journal page - much too busy, but in small bits, like on a small sticker - it's perfect.
I experimented with different brands of sticker paper and found that the one I bought from Daiso, a Japanese dollar store was the best. I can see cutting long narrow strips, like washi tape, from these sticker sheets.
On the left is an Avery brand. My original art is in the middle. On the right, is the brand I bought at Daiso - see how the color is so much brighter on the right side? You get 5 sticker sheets for $1.50 at Daiso. The brand from the Dollar Tree store, Polaroid, wasn't as bright either. To make my copies, I use a HP Office Jet Pro 8600 Plus and it works well for me!

I also finished 3 more Roben Marie Smith style clutch purses and journals.
Here's a few shots inside the journals..each journal has 10 pages.
If you look close, you'll spot my new art stickers used on some of the pages.
I'm selling these clutch/journal sets for $40 each. Let me know if you're interested in purchasing!

I have one last item I wanted to share with you. My sister and I went to see Bruno Mars in concert a couple weeks ago :-)
It was a fabulous concert - he puts on a great show!

Thanks for reading my long post. I hope you had a great weekend!