Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday What's New & What's Old

What's old...I purchased these old vintage wooden spindels from Pottery Barn - don't know what I'll do with them - but thought they were pretty cool.

What's new...Rachel sewed her first piece of clothing today - some flannel PJ bottoms. They're so adorable - with snowmen, polar bears and penguins. She can't wait to sew more PJ pants now.

I haven't shared this about Rachel before - but she's also into drawing Manga characters - she has an entire sketchbook dedicated to her Manga drawings - here's the one she did today...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday What's New & What's Old

What's new...while out doing some xmas shopping for others, I passed by this sweater at Nordstrom's that was just calling me. As I vowed not to buy anything for myself - I just couldn't let this one go - love the print - and then had to buy some matching tanks to go under and of course a scraf to pull it all together.

Then I also recently bought this necklace from a store in Alameda - love the delicate look.

What's old...I bought this old album from ebay - I don't have many of these cabinet cards and this one was filled with over 50 pictures.

How formal the portaits are then.

And then had to mention...Rachel performed in the Nutcracker this weekend - here's a pic with her girl friends after it was over (no pics allowed during performance).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday What's New & What's Old

What's New...
Rachel made this adorable book cover for her craft notebook - her own design it!

This weekend's fine from East Bay Creative Resue and Addison's Paper Sale - some lovely wall paper, ribbon, asian pin cusion, milenary flower & hat decorative tooth picks, lace, floral flannel and paint tubes.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday What's New

New: I made the plunge and bought a new portable sewing machine this weekend - but this one has all the perks of the big boys - nice, tiny & quiet (Janome 760) far I LOVE it. The best feature is that I can use it without a foot pedal and just use this on/off cool is that. Also, have to show off my bday gift from the family - an IPOD nano - so cool...thanks guys.

And finally, all xmas decorations are up - 4 trees inside....garlands, snowflakes, wall decor, etc...phew! We decorated 3 of the tress with Rachels stuffies that she made this fall...enough to decorate three small trees!

Happy Holidays! Now to get my xmas cards out!