Friday, October 30, 2009

Rachel's Felties

Rachel, my 11 yr old daughter, was busy tonight making 2 more felties - one was a panda bear and the other a mouse with sunglasses and an ice cream cone. Her free time is always spent making some type of stuffed animal.

Here's a collection of adorable items she's made in the past few weeks.

Tonights creations came from the book "Felties" by Nelly Pailloux.
My favorites: potsticker, doll in polka dot dress and sock animals. It's so much fun to see her creations.


  1. Thanks for showing my stuff on your blog Mom!

  2. I love the piece of toast! She's so talented and YOU are a great Mom to encourage fun and creativity in a world were education (while extremely important) is the focus of most kids life. Happy felting!

  3. This is so amazing, you're both so talented and creative. I see an exciting future in the arts for you Rachel :-) You have a wonderful mom who is sharing her love of crafts with you.

  4. wow, rachel, you are awesome...ballet dancer, violinist, journalist, and mixed media artist..and making straight a's...
    i'm so proud of you and your parents and chris..encouraging you and inspiring rock!