Friday, November 20, 2009

JCrew Round Robin Book

How fun this has been...I got a round robin book from CGS this week and the theme is JCrew. We both love shopping there - so she started a little notebook to share our favorite items - in a creative way of course. Here's some of my pages...


  1. ohhh clever-- i am inspired! even the children's stylizing of outfits--
    jcrew has such a great eye for putting things together
    can't wait to see what you did-- don't be shy
    USE all the space you can dream up :-)

  2. I did do several pages with the kids clothing too - the children models are so adorable. It was perfect timing - I just got a JCrew Catalog in the mail on Friday and I couldn't wait to cut it up.

  3. Love the pages from J Crew. I don't know what a round robin book is, but it looks fun!

  4. what an inspiring project! lana