Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Summer Vacation

We're back in our favorite vacation spot. It was a unanimous vote go to back to Hawaii this summer.

I actually enjoyed the plane ride this time - it was so relaxing. I brought so many activities(knitting, journaling, cutting and sudoku) to keep me busy that the time just went by so fast - not to mention we got in 45 minutes early.

I also sat behind this 7 year old boy who was quite a talker and so interested in everything I was doing. It was so cute, he asked me for my phone number so we could stay friends.

We're staying at my sister Diana's place. Check out these palm trees in front of the entrance - never seen this variety anywhere.

We went swimming right away - the kids couldn't wait. The pool was wonderful and the surroundings so beautiful and one else was there. What a great way to unwind and relax.

Here's the journal I made to keep all our Hawaiian memories recorded. I used it last year too and it was so much fun to write in.


  1. What beautiful pics...I just love Hawaii! And I love the story about the 7-yr old boy who wanted your phone number. Where did he live?

  2. He was from Davis, CA. He was so cute...he told me about all his different family vacations (russia, korea, europe). We played the dot to dot game for almost an hour. He says he loves to talk and thinks reading is a waste of time, cuz the books his parents give him are fictional. Couldn't believe he was only 7.

  3. Great pics and informatve comments...looks like you didn't waste a minute and ate well. My favorite vacation spot too!!! F