Sunday, March 6, 2011

Made A Couple Cards Today

I just thought I'd share a couple of cards I made today. One is a simple thank you note card I made for my sister in law. She gave me a vintage typewriter that belong to her mother.  Isn't it cool?
It works okay. I need to buy a new ribbon. Here's the thank you note card I made for her.

Then today, I went out to 4th street, Berkeley again. I bought this cute stamp, "Fly The World" from Castle In The Air.  I couldn't wait to create a card with it. 

I inserted a shrink plastic girl in place of the little boy in the middle of the stamp.  I embellished the girl with a hat and skirt. I got the striped black and white paper from the new pad I bought from Crate Paper, Portrait Collection. I stamped a number 6 on the skirt - one of my favorite numbers, since I'm number 6 in the order of girls born. This "six" came from this set. I purchased from etsy: Unfortunately, she doesn't have it listed right now. It's so cute, the box is only 2.5"x6.25". I added the black tape in the upper right and lower left corner.

The card stock I used for both these cards came from CVS. It's from Paper Accents and it's 100% recycled paper. By the way, if you're in my area - Oakland - the CVS @ Rockridge has 50% off ALL craft items!  They're closing this store in June, so they're starting to discount everything. This CVS has a huge craft section too. My daughter and I stocked up on lots of goodies.

First person to leave me a comment, I'll send the "Fly The World" card to. :-)


  1. Great cards and love the stamp. Hope I'm the first to respond! F

  2. Hey! No fair...I'm usually the 1st to respond. Fran, how did you beat me? Ha Ha! The Thank You card is fabulous, too!

  3. Congrats Fran, you won! I'm surprised too that Maryl didn't win...I'll make you one too. I leave the boy image in there and you can give it to Rocky. :)

  4. Thanks, Connie! That's very sweet of you! I think Rocky would love it!

  5. thanks for providing the instructions on how you did this beautiful card and the sources of the elements you used. happy for your sister in law and fran. if you need help installing the ribbon, i'll be happy to help u.

  6. Thanks for sharing your new stamp. I love the way you inserted the shrink girl and your instructions on how you made the card. I really appreciate you giving us the source of your materials.