Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stamping On Polymer Clay

I was so inspired by Laurie Mika's work that I did some more stamping on polymer clay tonight.
I think Laurie recommends stamping on dark color clay, but I used white clay and then just used acrylic paint to color the clay. These are just some fun pieces I made. It's best to use stamps that have a really deep impression, then press down hard and then you'll get a good image.


  1. Wowwww, what super cute art pieces. Hard to believe they're stamped clay that has been painted as each one is so different. Can't wait to see what you'll do next!! F

  2. Those are awesome!! Love how you painted them.

  3. am soooooooo impressedddddd! can;t wait to try these... what type of clay did you use...the brand name, please.

    your work is so original. really think you should take steve's place and take catherine moore's place in paris...i'll pay for the flight...

    please reconsider...