Friday, October 12, 2012

All Day Birthday Celebration for My Sis

This past week my sisters and I all got together to celebrate one of the sister's birthday, Diana, sister #2 of 6. It was a surprise celebration.
She was totally caught off was a couple weeks of planning behind the scenes to get this event pulled off. Her daughter Natalie and friend Jean hosted the event at their home in Novato. They planned the outing, food and craft project. The project was something we've never done before.
We started with these glass containers...
to build some mini terrariums. Natalie and Jean had a huge table of supplies...
There were mini plants, props, toys, rocks, you name was all there for us to use.
Below are the finished projects. What a fun time we had building these.
Below is a picture of 5 of the 6 sisters. My sister Lana was unable to make it today, as she was leaving for France the next day.
Next up was a shopping excursion in Natalie and Jean's Mercedes Sprinter. We got chauffeured around town in this luxury transportation that they own.
We were riding in style...
One of our stops, Liquid Marin...
Short break back at the house for birthday cake.
Then we were off again, now to Japan Town for shopping at Japanese dollar stores... 
and ramen for dinner!
Wow, that was another fun sister celebration. Thanks to Nat and Jean for hosting a terrific party!

As a side note, I finally got some pictures posted on Pinterest - lots of repins...but it's a start of things I favorite:


  1. OMG, what a fun day of sisterhood w/lots of crafting, shopping, eating, etc. Didn't want day to end but know we'll have another coming up soon & can't wait. Thx for posting great pics & to Nat/Jean for hosting your mom's fabulous bd celebration. F

  2. It was truly a memorable day! Connie - thanks for posting pictures. Also, I love what you've pinned on Pinterest! I wouldn't mind having a homemade vintage-style rolodex for my birthday...ha ha.

  3. That was by far the most fun I've ever had on my birthday, from start to finish. A big thanks to all my sisters and Natalie and Jean for making this an unforgettable day. Thanks Connie for posting the pictures of our day together on your blog. I feel fortunate to have such a thoughtful and loving family. Sorry Lana you couldn't be with us but I know you're having fun in France.

  4. Looks like a fun day with the sisters! You all are so lucky you live so close together and love all the same things! I know Lana was disappointed she was not in on the fun! I am sure though she is having fun on her trip to France!

  5. What a great family! You sure know how to have fun.

    Pinterest is a super place for you to post all your creations. Love your work! R