Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paper Dolls From Shannon

Hi guys, I haven't been doing any crafting lately...I'm so bummed. All my spare time has been devoted to getting my son ready for college, taking my daughter back and forth to her activities, getting some property in order for rental, and preparing for a much needed vacation. It's been a lot of work, but I try to be optimistic and see it as exercise haha!
While I don't have any new projects to show, I'd love to share some adorable paper dolls made by Shannon Benedetti. Shannon is also a big fan of Catherine Moore stamps and she has made some fun paper dolls that she shared with me. 
I love all the accessories she added.
The picture below was a thank you note tag in which she included some doll pieces for the recipient to make their own doll...what a great idea!
Hope you had a great weekend and had some time to do some creating unlike me!


  1. oh these are so adorable Creative Connie and well done. What little treasure's to receive so special. Art paper dolls are so much fun.
    I really enjoyed seeing Shannon's art, I loved her ideas and so so cute !!!
    Hugs,Laura.xo P.S.Creative Connie can't wait till your not so busy in your life. I would love to see you create a vintage altered paper doll older novel book with beeswax maybe..that is my dream an altered book to create. I am dreaming on that idea to create myself. lol Sending Positive Thoughts To Wonderful You.. : )

  2. These paper dolls are terrific using the Catherine Moore stamps. Love all the little cute!
    Thanks for sharing. I love Laura's idea of using beeswax for a vintage altered paper doll book. I know you could come up with something special.

  3. you mentioned shannon benneitti sent you some paper dolls. thanks for posting them. they are so whimsical and magical at the same time. she is, indeed, thoughtful!

    love them all..

    lana cano kloch