Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project Life Projects

Turning Project Life cards into dolls and houses...
I was at my local craft store and found this Project Life Kit by Heidi Swapp.
I love the colors: gold, pink and mint cards.

I don't do the Project Life albums, but I do love the cards. My thought was to turn the cards into dolls and houses. I started with attaching a head on top of one of the large cards.
Then I cut the card into a dress shape and added heart wings.
I sewed a backing to the doll and stuffed it to make it 3D.
I made a smaller version too.

Then I worked on some houses. I took a couple cards and cut them up and sewed them together.
I added some of my "Mindy Lacefield" dolls I painted awhile ago and reduced them in size.
All of the dolls and houses are  slightly stuffed, so they can stand up on its own...

Turning Project Life cards into dolls and's a good thing!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Adorable. I love how you turned someone else's idea and made it your own.
    The dolls give it a cuteness - I like the gathered tulle for the skirt and the
    sewed edges plus all the accent pieces. I love that they are able to stand on their own. Great project!

  2. I love your doll houses; esp. the ones adorned with the doll with the big face and red hair & black bow. Very cute!

  3. amazing dolls and doll homes. heidi swapp is one of my favorite artists and just starting doing the project life kits. you are so talented, connie.

    lana cano kloch