Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mindy Lacefield All Weekend + More!

This past weekend I was in Santa Rosa, CA for the Art-Is-You retreat. I had the pleasure of taking two all day classes with one of my favorite artist, Mindy Lacefield. I was so excited to meet her in person (whose's from Arkansas) and be able to learn how she paints her adorable girls.

Here's a couple of my favorite pieces I made from her classes...
I painted the above girls in my really large journal (repurposed urban outfitters catalog).
The picture above was painted by Mindy, it was our class sample - so beautiful and mysterious.
Above, was my attempt of the same picture. Then below are a couple more interpretations of a simplicity girl.
The picture below started primarily black. It was super challenging to create a face over a black surface, but I was happy with how it came out.
I painted the pieces below on 12"x12" piece of water color paper, where we explored creating a fun - playful background.
I wish I could have a dress like the one below. :-)
 Another girl painted in my large journal.
Following are some pictures from the class...
Mindy did a great job at explaining her techniques and sharing her favorite products. 
Below are some photos of other students' work...
My friend, Lois's girls
My friend Niley's girls
Mindy is very tall or I'm just really short. :-)
 The two photos below are pieces that Mindy painted during our class - so Adorable!
Mindy's piece - love it!
My favorite painting that Mindy created - so Sweet!
What a special weekend, Mindy is an amazing artist and was so generous in her supplies and her techniques...a wonderful teacher! Also, it was so fun to take the Saturday class with my sister, Lana and my friends Lois and Niley. A weekend I'll remember for a long time.

And, I was thrilled to receive my complimentary issue of Somerset Studio today for having my altered bird houses published.
I bought these wooden bird houses from Jo-Ann's for a $1 each.
I was looking for more surfaces to paint my Paige dolls on.
They all have my signature graphic dresses made with printed tissue paper.
Thank you Somerset for publishing my bird houses - it's a wonderful issue of inspiring projects!

And on a last note, I'm so excited for my daughter, Rachel, who got accepted to Stanford! She's a hard working, smart, creative and passionate individual whom I'm so proud of! Go Cardinals!
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. what a great re-counting of a wonderful weekend with mindy lacefield. love all your experimental pieces.. she emphasized there are no mistakes .. to relax and enjoy the process..

    congratulations on the honor of being in yet another issue.. fabulous..

    and the coup de gras.. rachel being accepted into stanford .. you and ernie have done such a great job raising 2 wonderful children... and their lives are just beginning..

  2. Mindy must have been impressed by your paintings...they are really good! Congrats again on being published - adorable bird houses! Love the pic of Rachel - what a talented, successful individual!

  3. Your Mindy dolls are REALLY! cute - love their expressions have depth and I like the way you did the dresses, the way they hang - very natural. Your backgrounds are really great - they highlight the dolls beautifully. Congrats on having your birdhouses published - well deserving! Cute pic of Rachel - love it!

  4. Congratulations Connie! Though can't say I am surprised that your enterprising daughter is heading off to Stanford.

  5. Congratulations Connie! Though can't say I am surprised that your enterprising daughter is heading off to Stanford.