Sunday, November 13, 2016

Roben-Marie Class & Ashley Goldberg Dolls

I just completed a wonderful new on-line class from Roben-Marie Smith called Paper to Painting Workshop.
 Lots of layers of paper, paints, pens, tissue, etc.
I ended up taking one piece of background paper and turned them into notepads. I added copies of my dolls and some white labels, I made from Powerpoint.
I made a bunch of color copies, cut them up, stacked them together and added a book compound adhesive to one side so you can easily pull off one sheet at a time. I think these will make cute packing labels.
Thanks Roben-Marie for a really fun class!

My other favorite artist is Ashley Goldberg, I've bought many of her stamps. She recently created a line of dolls for Land of Nod and I just had to get a couple. Meet Charlotte and Lydia...
I just love their outfits and accessories, but I had to change it up slightly by adding some pink cheeks, red lips and a little white dot in the eyes.

Have a great week!

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  1. I love how you added the pink cheeks, red lips, and the white dot to the eyes of your dolls. It really made a big difference. Your labels look terrific!