Sunday, February 19, 2017

Still Painting...

I bought a expressive painting book by Annie O'Brien Gonzales and tried my hand at painting some of her designs and adding my own touch with my metro tissue paper and black and white stripes.

I like how you don't have to paint realistic flowers, but just an interpretation, it's so less stressful.
I like the look of the bold black and white contrast.
And then I had to go back to painting one of my Paige dolls. I can't decide which I prefer drawing, flowers or dolls. I'll have to play with incorporating both.

Then I had a play date with my good friend Lois today. We played with watercolors and stamps.
We used the Prima and Jane Davenport watercolor sets.
And the Dina Wakley's face stamps.
Lois's dolls
My dolls's and flowers
I glued a couple of items in a 1941 year book from Lois - thanks, love it!

It's been raining so much here, that painting is a perfect indoor activity. More rain to come next week.. .I guess I'll be doing more painting!

Have a great week!


  1. You sure learn the Anne O'Brien paintings - bold and
    expressive especially with the pop of black and white contrast. Can't tell if you used watercolor or acrylic. Great way to spend a rainy day indoors
    with a special friend doing what you love - Dina Wakley images are great with the text background.

  2. Love the white polka dot vase holding the lilies. And I love your Paige dolls. So good!

  3. I love your Paige dolls, but I also love the flowers. I think doing both for the variety would be awesome.