Friday, March 10, 2017

Mindy Lacefield Watercolor Mini Faces Turned Into Paper Dolls

I'm taking Mindy Lacefield's water color class and it's been sooo much fun! These are the mini faces I recently painted.
I couldn't wait to turn these little faces into paper dolls.I cut out the faces and added them to some random paper dresses.
The dolls just come to life when you add the body!


  1. these are adorable.. you did a wonderful job of creating so many beautiful faces. love the paper dolls.. i had such a hard time in her recent class.. so talented connie

  2. Your Mindy Lacefield faces are really cute, and I like their different hairdos. Their paper doll dresses give them a whole new look. I like the dress with the polka dot pocket and the one with the words.