Sunday, July 2, 2017

My New Blythe Doll (in Japan)

During my trip to Japan in April, I bought my first Blythe doll. I have admired these dolls for years, but you can't buy them in the US on the first market, only in Japan.
They have these adorable stores in Japan, called Junie Moon where you can buy these dolls. Below is a picture of me at the Osaka store.
Junie Moon Store, Osaka
Here are some pictures of my doll dressed in different wigs around the streets of Japan.
Shinjuku Station, Tokyo
Junie Moon Store, Tokyo
Osaka Castle
Tokyo Hands, Craft Store
I love dressing up my doll and taking pictures of her in different settings. 

Here's my Blythe doll at home...

It's been so much fun to dress her up and find different settings for her.

P.S. Responding to Maryl's comment - I did have a pic with my doll @ Daiso.
 The Daiso stores there were like cool!.


  1. OMG!!! So cute! Glad you and Rachel had a great time in Japan. How come you don't have a pic in front of Daiso Japan? LOL.

    1. Thanks for posting the pics of Blythe in front of cool! Surprising they have graffiti.

  2. Those are the cutest pics of your dolls with scenes of different places in Japan - I can see why you had fun doing that. It makes the girls seem real.