Sunday, November 19, 2017

Shaker Doll Tags For Sale

I'm on a roll with my shaker doll tags. Since I already had all the supplies handy and I have lots of hand painted faces on-hand, I cranked out lots of new shaker doll tags to sell.
I came up with an new option for punching the hole at the top. Before I punched the hole directly in her head/hair area, which I wasn't that happy with.
This time, I added these black flowers, stars and circles to the top of the head.
And fused around it.
I die cut small words to add to the dolls.
The tags look cute on a package and no two are alike.
Message me if you're interested in buying one, $2 each + shipping.


  1. Hi Connie,
    I love them all so much...
    I’d love to purchase 10 of them please...if they are still available?
    Hope all is well...
    Missed you!

    1. Hi Nily, you're so sweet. Yes, they're still available. I'll email you message.

      Miss you too!

  2. I just found you! These are so fun. I'd like to purchase sheets of them so I could play with them even more if possible. Strictly in my own artsy daily journal, nothing for sale, etc. Is it possible? THanks so much. Happy New Year!

  3. Are these still available? I ♡ all of them!!