Sunday, February 21, 2010

Play Date with Sisters & Special Guest

Yesterday, the sisters (except for Diana, whose still in Hawaii) got together at Lana's house to work on the cutest pin cushion kit from Connie Govea Stuart. At first we planned the play date with out knowing that CGS was going to make a surprise it was very special that she showed up and helped us with the kit. We all loved how they turned out and we had so much fun together making them.


  1. I loved this project! All the "Theatre of Pins" came out absolutely adorable! What a fun day!

  2. special guest being birthday gal Maryl?
    That was too fun.
    connie i have enjoyed your blog, and always notice that you cite the artmkakers whom inspire you. If your sampler makes you happy because you saw it from pam, then you mention it. If Kristen creates jewelry that
    you love,& it kick starts you in the direction of jewelry making, and so on... It elevates you!
    ...we know it's about sharing .!
    giving kudos deserved has it's place too.
    nobody should be afraid that it makes them less
    for doing so.
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