Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Good Finds Today

I decided to take off a half day today - so that Rachel and I could check out this Quilt/Sewing/Craft convention @ San Mateo fair grounds. There wasn't much there that interested us - but a few booths had some great deals.

This entire pile of trimming I got for less than $20 - it comes out to about .30 a yard - this will come in handy when I start embellishing my quilt.

Then this one booth was selling entire bolts of ribbon/trimming for $4 each - check out this silver one - it has over 200 yards on the bold. I picked up a few other ones too (twill, velvet, seam binding).

Then had to buy some bling - just bought a whole bolt of it - that should last a long time.

I've been interested in wool - so found this assorted scraps of wool - that should be fun to do something with.

Also found some of these old spindals.

This week, I also signed up for Teresa McFayden's new ezine for embrodiery - I thought it would be perfect, to get me going on my sampler again. I added 3 more items this week. I started this sampler last year - when reading Pam Garrison's blog and seeing her wonderful work. Also, Tammy Gilley has inspired me with her beautiful embrodiery work as well - the one mushroom design is from one of her projects.

Just 3/4 more to go...

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sampler. I've been thinking about that ezine. When do you find the time to knock all this stuff out?? You're too good!