Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

On Thursday night, Rachel performed in her Spring Concert at school. She's there playing the violin in the front row. It was incredible to see so many talented kids. I played the violin too when I was in school - so very long ago.

Friday we had my Mother-in-law over to celebrate her 87th birthday. We had a simple dinner at home. This is the year that Chris (15yrs old) is taller then his grandmother.

Then Saturday we had a sister outing to the cemetery and some "Artful Play". Five of the six sisters (Lana is in Australia) got together to visit my mom and dad in the cemetery. My parents have a wonderful spot with a breathtaking view. We miss them so much.

After the cemetery, we did a quick stop at Craft Depot. I don't believe I've ever showed pictures of this place before, but it's definitely one of my favorite places to go to every week.

I always find some fun things to use for craft projects. My favorite find was a small perfume bottle that I used on our project today. Then it was back to my house for lunch and some "Artful Play". Frances brought over some yummy pasta and chicken. After that we moved onto the project of the day - some canvas art. We had inspiration from many people in the past: Lisa Super's class, CGS's class and an article from Somerset from Anni Schwabe.

Everyone's project came out great. It must be from all the classes we've taken - we've had some wonderful teachers.

The last couple of comments for the weekend aren't as positive. I've had a bad back ache all weekend. At some points I was even crawling on the floor in pain. It's probably been 18 years since I've had severe back aches like this before. I've been icing and heating my back and taking lots of ibuprofen - boy you sure take it for granted to be able to walk normal. We're also concerned that our old white mini-van might have taken it's last ride this weekend. We had to have it towed to the repair shop this weekend and it doesn't look good. We've had this car for more than 15 years - so many memories with it which makes it kind of sad. It's taken us many times to LA and Tahoe and everywhere in between. It's hard to imagine life with out old clunker.


  1. LOVE the canvas work! All of you have such a great eye. I love it that the sisters get together to play. My sisters aren't into creating, I've wished so many times that they were.

    Take care of that back Connie. I worked for many years in a Chiropractors office seeing people come in every day that could barely walk they were in so much pain. It was sad. The only highlight of my days there was when a gorgeous guy would come in with a sports injury that would need help putting his gown on :)

  2. I loved spending the day with the sisters visiting, creating & eating!

    Lisa - you are too funny! I love the story about the guy needing help with his gown.

  3. Great pics, Connie! Sorry to hear about your back. Mom showed me her art piece and I thought it looked great. To see them all together is really fun! Nice work, ladies...

  4. Wow. I am flattered! I just came across your blog post on the internet! What a surprise. I am Anni Schwabe, the author of that Somerset article. Your pieces are fabulous! I can see this project was as fun for you as it was for me. My heart soars with pleasure that you thought my work was worthy to inspire you. Thank you fondly, Anni

  5. Anni, I'm so surprised that you found my site and also flattered from your comments - thank you! You did some wonderful pieces and your article was so inspiring. My sisters and I had a wonderful time together creating these canvas art pieces. One of your many fans...Connie