Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Fun

Rachel has been busy making her custom iphone/itouch cases for her friends. Here are some of her latest creations. She continues to amaze me - such an entrepreneur already.

This weekend was also Rachel's spring ballet recital at Holly Names College. She had a piece dancing to Shostakovich Waltz. It's so fun to see her performing on stage.

This is Rachel with her friend Maddie after the performance. The only time Rachel gets to wear a little makeup.

Sunday I went to the Alameda Pt. Flea Market with Frances. It was such a beautiful day - look at this view from this place. Diana was there with her friend Margie. We got to shop with Dee for awhile and look for old jewelry parts and other misc goodies. Maryl was there with Rocky but we never ran into them - too bad, but this place is so huge.
Here are the few things I found at the flea market.


  1. Great work, Rachel...I think my favorite is the Cat Lover. Is that a skull & bones? That must have been for a guy! You look so graceful & beautiful in your ballet outfit!

    Connie - great finds as the vintage glass watch faces & pocket watch with the doll head. The SF skyline is just breathtaking! I'm sorry I didn't run into you guys.

  2. Wasn't it a beautiful day there? I found more this time than I have in months. Lots of inspiration there.