Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Summer Weekend

This weekend was full of a variety of activities. We started with some back to school shopping...the kids got a bunch of clothes and Rachel also got this adorable backpack from Borders. She loves objects that have this was perfect.

We had a chance to do some swimming Saturday and were delighted to see our Nephew's kids join us too. They were so cute - here's Lennon in the hot tub.
Owen stayed in his wagon.

It wasn't very warm, so sitting in the hot tub felt great.

Sunday we celebrated my husband's cousin's birthday @ the Shattuck Hotel in Berkeley. This is the card I made for her.
Here's the birthday girl, Kyra - 71 years old...she sure doesn't look it.

My great weekend buy - photo paper. I really like this photo paper and I use it all the time. In the Sunday paper, there's a Staples ad which has this coupon for a box of the paper for only $1, normally sold for $15. What a bargain! It's heavy weight 61lbs and double sided - it's great for projects - not just photos.

I've been working on the mini sampler tree skirt from Lisa's class last weekend. It's getting pretty full, probably too full. That's my problem - knowing when to stop.


  1. Your birthday card is adorable and your tree skirt looks great! Is the Staples paper glossy or does it have a matte finish?

  2. I prefer the matte finish and that's the finish that's on sale too.