Saturday, August 14, 2010

Company Sample Sale Today

One of my favorite days of the year - Company Sample Sale. The employee sample sales are one of the best benefits of working for Williams Sonoma Inc. I always volunteer to work at them so I can pre-shop the day before. On the day of the sample sale I worked from 7:30am - it was a long day - but it was fun and well worth it! I found great items and great deals. I got everything on this table and then some.

Rachel always likes me to pick up journals and books...founds lots of those. That bird house is going into my new digs at work - I just moved into a shared office - gonna love decorating it! Picked up some burlap lamp shades - got a bunch if someone wants one.

I love the cat toss game in the back - you'll be sure I'm bringing that one out at our next family party and at Halloween. Toss a pumkin bean bag in the mouth.

I've always wanted one of these map drawers. It'll be great for storing my craft stuff.

Speaking of crafts, here are Rachel's latest felties. Duckie, Piggy & Hippo - what an adorable trio.
Tomorrow we head to Tahoe for a few days - one last mini vacation before the kids go back to school. I can't wait to take some time off and get to some warm weather.


  1. WoW! You hit the jackpot! I love everything, especially the screen in the white distressed frame with the chalkboard on top. If you ever decide you can do without it, keep me in mind!

  2. You know how envious I am right? Great stuff, I would have snapped all of that up too if I had the chance!

    Have fun in Tahoe!