Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Work Shop

Today I held my first workshop, a technique based class on molding.  I enjoyed every minute, and I had the best students. Thanks everyone for being so supportive!  We had fun making molds, casting, and more. Everyone had something different to contribute and I thought we all had a great time.

Maryl and I baked some goodies...
She made some delicious Bake Sale Betty Ginger cookies and I made my chocolate chip cookies.  We bagged them up as if it was a bake sale :-).
Here's some of our finished products from the class.  Sorry, we didn't picture Lana and Diana's work - they had left before we shot this pic.

A special shout out to my sister, Maryl, for helping me get my house in order.  You made everything look great!

Yay! Tomorrow's Mother's Day! I can't wait for a "me" day of relaxation.


  1. Congrats on hosting your first class! I'm sure everyone learned a lot and had fun at the same time. Loved seeing the finished projects. Wished I could've join in on the fun. F

  2. :: you should take a bow on this one connie-
    i loved it & what i learned!
    enjoyed the project and all the great sharing ------- with the best students -lucky you!
    we think it was a hit :: Thank you!!

  3. Terrific job, Connie! We learned so much and it will be fun incorporating the molds into our future projects. I had a lot of fun & I'm sure everyone else did too! Congrats and Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Thanks again Connie for sharing your art and your home, it was too fun. What a great group of artists to share the day with. I am still amazed with how little Sculpy each mold takes. I am going to take your suggestion and try a few with colored clay, especially the biscuit.

  5. Hi Connie!
    The dogwoods (on my blog) were in bloom at Amador City. It's about 30 minutes from Folsom. Had a great time meeting EVERYONE and learning a new technique! thank you so very much for allowing me to attend. I'll be mailing back your original pieces (inside the molds I made) and a little present too. Happy Mother's Day!
    xox, Diana

  6. teaching seems as natural to you as raising your family: with joy and patience and especially love.

    i learned so much and am eager to start making more molds.

    your place looked spectacular and the preparations for the class and the handouts are greatly appreciated..

    happy Mother's day..

  7. It was a wonderful day! Thanks Connie... Looking forward to more workshops from you!!