Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alameda Pt Flea Market Finds

Last weekend I went to the Alameda Pt Flea Market and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Thanks Lisa for letting me cut in line. I got there just before the 7:30 am admission and the line was about 100 people deep. Lisa let me sneak in with her and saved me a few minutes. I found some great finds to share with you.

This was my first purchase, a little suit case in mint green and black accents - so cute.
I love tin types, usually the mini ones, but I came across this set at a great price that I couldn't pass up. I learned from the seller that you have to keep these out of the sun, otherwise the image will disappear.
After taking the ribbon flower class from Candice Kling, I've been on the hunt for this variegated wire ribbon. I found these two rolls (made in France) for a great price.
 Then some other miscellaneous items. My favorites are the small roller skates and that mini book.
But what I really stocked up on was rhinestone pieces! All but three of the pieces cost $1 or less. Most of these came from just two vendors where I spent a lot of time digging through boxes and bags of jewelry pieces.
 Included from one vendor were these mini metal books and religious icons.
Now I feel I have enough bits and pieces to work with...
Last item was this vintage album for $5, filled with cabinet cards of all sizes. Yes, the outside of the album is mess, but it's worth it for the items inside.
 Here are just a couple of pages.
That's it! I'm sure glad I went and the weather held up considering it was pouring rain the day before. Speaking of good finds, this weekend is our last company sample sale of the year. I know I shouldn't be going, since I don't have any more room for stuff in my house, but it's so much fun and it's only held 4 times a year. I'll just try and be very selective in my purchases - ha.


  1. Lovely finds...too bad, I should have stuck closer to you; although I did find some nice "smalls" and the weather was spectacular!

  2. WOW I was there, I found great stuff too, however you hit the jackpot.
    See you soon,
    Debbie Addie