Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kawaii Clay Charms

"Kawaii" is the Japanese word for cute. It usually refers to the cutesy-style popular in Japan. My daughter, Rachel, has been creating kawaii-style clay charms for over a year now.

She's made hundreds of these charms and has also taught a couple of private workshops in our home.

This weekend, she set up her very own etsy site: I'm so proud of her! She has just a few items for sale now, but will post more in the future. Here's some more of her charms.

Rachel also has a Youtube channel with over 2,000 subscribers! She's amazing and has posted over 70 videos. It's incredible to me how motivated and creative she is at such a young age - 13yrs. old!
Be sure to check out her etsy periodically to see what's new. Also, a dollar of every purchase will go towards the Children's Wish Foundation ( She also takes special requests, so send her a message on her etsy account if you're interested. Prices of specially requested charms may vary, but she'll give you an estimated price range after you message her.


  1. Congratulations, Rachel! The charms are SO cute and and very realistic. You definitely take after your mom. You are an inspiration to all the young people (and us old folk as well!). Keep up the good work!

  2. What a super talented family!!! I love the charms. Congratulations Rachel!

  3. Super, super cute! I think you've inherited your mom's creative genes.
    It's fun to see you develop your art form. Love the little girls.

  4. These are just incredible! I will send a link to all of my "Grandma" friends
    who need these for their granddaughters. So cute!. We know where
    her talent comes from! Your whole family!