Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nutcracker Performance

This weekend my daughter Rachel had her annual Nutcracker ballet performance. She was in the flowers and snowflakes dances. You know it's Christmas when the Nutcracker rolls around. I love the music and enjoy watching the kids perform. 
My daughter is the one of the right.
I love the costumes.
Rachel is 2nd from the right.
Rachel is on the right and her friend on the left.
This is Rachel's 10th year in ballet - it's amazing how time flies and how much she has grown!


  1. Rachel is so beautiful and so grown-up!

  2. 10 years of ballet...remarkable.. rachel was born beautiful and is so talented as an artist and dancer. she is also so mature for her age. you should be proud of her! i know i am.

    her loving aunt lana

    lana cano kloch

  3. rachel is stunning!! I love the nutcracker... my oldest Carly and I would go every year when she was younger! wonderful memories... thank you for sharing!

  4. How grown up and beautiful Rachel has become! It's nice that she continues to enjoy ballet.

  5. Rachel looks beautiful in her pretty ballet costumes! F

  6. It's wonderful to have a daughter in ballet. Rachel is a pretty ballerina and your family must be very proud. R

  7. What a beautiful daughter...She is so talented~~~ so many interest's she has...I think it is wonderful...And such a reflection on you and your husband

    Laura H

  8. Hi
    Your daughter is adorable,and also thank you so much for the most beautiful card I making a book just for your Christmas Cards, now the pressure is on to keep it going...Merry Christmas,
    Debbie Addie