Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fall Tag Swap & Paper Doll Cards to Share

I joined my first creative swap recently - the theme of this one was "Fall tags using Catherine Moore stamps." This one was organized by Cathy Arnold and there were 10 people in my group. I made 10 tags and in return I got back 10 tags. I was so excited to open the package tonight...
My tag is the one in the center of the top row (black & white again)
I love them all - such creative people! I like how they all coordinate together. Catherine makes such wonderful stamps ( - they're just so fun to use and so much you can do with them.

I also wanted to share some recent cards I made. Below is a birthday card I made for my friend Ruby - again using Catherine Moore stamps. The background was the stationary I recently bought in Japan Town.
The card and envelope below is the thank you note I made for my bday party a month ago. The theme of my party was black and white - so of course I had to make black and white thank you notes. The actual thank you note is written on a tag that's inserted in the envelope. The envelope is a large image of a clock in which I sewed the edges closed to create a pocket. Yep - I used more Catherine Moore stamps for the doll.
The two cards below are birthday cards I made for my sister Lana and my friend Diana G. I decided to stay with the black and white theme again. The skirts are made from cupcake liners that I bought at Michael's.
I've also been busy with my Christmas cards - here's a sneak peak at them in progress...
I hope to send these out next week and have my xmas decorations up! It's going to rain here all weekend - so perfect projects for staying indoors.


  1. love the results of the tag swap you participated in.. what beautiful and creative results. thank you for posting.

    await your xmas cards as well.

    lana cano kloch

  2. Thank you Connie for sending an extra fall tag for me. I received an exquisite box of tags this week from the collaborative and I was so overwhelmed by the artistry and the generosity of the artisans who participated. I love your tag! The black and white motif is wonderful, very vintage feeling. And, I love the combination of stamps you blended to create this doll. The Beekeepers Tea angel with the camisole from Queen of Tarts is stunning, and the way you extended the skirt from Mannequin Cafe and topped it off with a beautiful piece of tulle and a ribbon. And those under scale legs look fantastic! The stitched oak leaf garland was a beautiful finishing touch. So many lovely details, and they all came together beautifully. Happy Holidays!

  3. Conie,
    These are all so beautiful!! I don't know where all of you find the time to make ten of anything!!! Thank you for the beautiful birthday card and gifts! I just love you and all of your sisters!!
    Happy Holidays!
    Diana G

  4. Your Xmas card is exquisite! Love all the detail...thank you!!!

  5. Connie these are wonderful...I hope in the New Year you will consider doing any sort of paper type class?? I love everything you do and would love too create anything paper....
    Happy Holidays...I received my card and feel honored..Mine not out yet but will be .....
    Laura H