Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love My New Printer

This past week, my HP Photo Smart ink jet printer finally died - after about 8 years. I was very disappointed since I couldn't work on much without a printer for images. It wasn't worth it to try to repair it, so I did some on-line research for another printer ( I considered buying a laser jet this time, but after reading the reviews, there were several complaints about the printer that I was worried about - the most important one being the color quality not as good as ink jet. To cut to the chase, I ended up buying the HP Officejet Pro 8600 (from Costco for $175).
Now, I couldn't be happier that my old printer died, because this one is so much better! :-) The color quality is far superior and it's so much faster! From the time I clicked print and walked over to the printer it's already done.

Below are some examples of the color copies. The left side are the originals and the right side are the copies. I reduced the size because I'll be using them to make a small book.
I was really impressed by the copies of the vintage pages. The faded color of the vintage text pages reproduced very true to color.

This is the paper I like to use:
HP Premium Choice Laser paper. 32lbs and 98 brightness. It's a bit heavier weight than normal copier paper, but still lighter than card stock.
Then, I just have to share the cake pops my daughter made today...emoticons. Aren't they adorable?
Have a great week ;-)


  1. Thanks for your tip on the HP printer and the paper you used. I didn't realize you could use "laser paper" with the ink jet printer. Can't wait to see your finished book. Rachel, your cake pops look delicious with the cute little faces - love it!!

  2. I love how your pictures "magnify" when you click on them. Really helps these old eyes of mine. Thanks for the great tip on the printer and paper. Rachel's cake pops are adorable!

  3. Connie,
    I will have to try the lazer paper too. I have a HP printer as well and really like it. Your daughter's cake pop's are so cute. You girls are soooo talented and lots of fun. I love coming to your blog to see what you are doing.
    Sojna from Indiana

  4. wow, a new printer. like that you do a lot of research, before you purchase yours. why do you use laser paper w/ an ink jet printer? i must have missed something.

    love the emotion pops you and rachel made.

    have another fun week..

    lana cano kloch

  5. A good printer must have quality paper to have the best printout. By the way, your printer is so exquisite! What type of photo editing software did you use? The quality of your print copies is so amazing!

  6. Great choice of printers, Connie! Looking at the quality of your prints, I have no doubt that you're happy with it. The ink obviously dispenses really well. Make sure to take care of that one, so you can get the most out of it.

  7. Sometimes, unfortunate things happen to make way for much better ones. I think that was why after 8 years, your old printer finally died. It turns out that your prints are of a very good quality. The “vintage” prints in particular look authentic.

    Fletcher Hevey @

  8. It’s amazing that your printer lasted for about 8 years. You must’ve been very careful with using it for it to last that long. Well, good maintenance is always the key to get the best out of our investment. Anyway, good to know that you found a new one immediately and loved it. I hope it will last as long as your old one!

    Arthur Griffin @ Copy Solutions