Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frozen Charlotte Necklace & Ski Trip

This week my kids were off from school and we all went up to Tahoe for some skiing & R&R. As with all my vacations, I always have to take some projects to work on so this time I made castings with Sculpey clay into my molds. I made a variety of frozen charlotte dolls, and also some mini frames. I ended up making a new necklace with a couple of the clay pieces.

Below are the castings I made with the Sculpey clay. I actually bake the clay directly in the molds at 275 for only 15 minutes.
Next, I made a three-sided mini shadow box and lined it with vintage text.
I made the box the size of my mini frames. Then I punched a hole at the top and inserted a bead cap - turned upside down to look like a crown and a pearl. This was how I attached the chain to the box.
 Afterwards, I gathered tulle around the doll waist to make a full skirt.
I made the chain out of various beads and rhinestones, and added a dyed seam binding bow on top.
Now to share some of my skiing pictures. We had one day of snow and the rest of the days were nice and sunny.
Below are pictures of the snow day...
Northstar Ice Skating Rink
We had to bundle up with face masks
My son Chris waiting for us to get going
Then we had beautiful weather the rest of the days....

It was a fun week for some much needed R&R! :-)


  1. love what you are doing Connie...always experimenting, never afraid to try something new.
    kind regards,

  2. Great idea and turned out wonderful!
    It looks like you all had a great time! How nice too spend quality time with "Family"
    Laura H :)

  3. thanks for posting your ski week activities. love your spending quality "family time"! also love how the charlotte doll jewelry turned out. you should sell them on etsy. love them so much. lana cano kloch

  4. SSSSSSOOOO cute! I just found your blog via pinterest. going to see your other posts!