Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Altered Paper Dolls

This weekend I made some new paper dolls...
I was at a used book store and came across this book by Claudine Hellmuth, called "Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected". It's a wonderful book of whimsical inspirations and I couldn't wait to make something inspired from the book.
The first doll I made was a 3-dimensional doll filled with rice to help weigh it down so it could stand by itself.
Below are some pictures of how it was created.
I covered the bodice with text paper and then painted over it with Making Memories Celery color paint.
I cut out a skirt made from black and white striped fabric.
I sewed the sides and bottom closed with turquoise embroidery thread.
I filled the skirt with rice and inserted the paper doll inside the skirt.
Finally, I drew in a collar and added a hat, flower and ribbon.
Below is a picture of the other two paper dolls I made. I used fabric for the skirts and painted text for the bodice. I love the mix of a vintage photo with acrylic coloring, doodling and fabric and the odd body proportions.

Thanks Claudine for creating such a magical book, I can't wait to make more of her projects!

Now, to share a few non-creative photos. This week we went down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and my daughter captured some beautiful photos. My favorite exhibits were the jelly fish and the sea horses.
Then check out these sea horses. Definitely not your typical sea horse.
We then took the kids on the 17 mile drive in Carmel. It was a beautiful day and we got a wonderful shot of the famous lone cypress tree. Although, it looks a bit smaller than I remembered.
Then last but not least, I finally treated myself with some Copic Sketch markers. Thanks to my sister, Lana, for letting me borrow her extensive set of Copic markers to play with before I made the plunge to buy my own set.
I've been watching lots of YouTube videos on how to use them for blending...I'm so excited to get started with these, too. Here's one of my coloring samples using my new copic markers.

My daughter also decided to try her hand at a few drawings and coloring with copic markers

Diane from Scrapbook Territory was a big help in customizing a set for me. Love her scrapbook store in Berkeley!

I've also been working on my ruler project. If you've been following me, you know that I've been collecting vintage yard sticks to make this unique picture (inspired from a picture on Paula's blog: One Lucky Day). Here's a sneak's almost done. My brother-in-law, Bob (Pat's husband) created this beautiful frame for me. It has a glass cover (not shown). Below is a picture of me painting the background with chalkboard paint.

It was a great week, spent lots of time with the family and got to add in some shopping and crafting, too!


  1. thx for sharing your cool projects, beautiful vac pics, & Rachel's amazing artwork! F

  2. I love to use Copic Markers.......their colors are so brilliant!

    Your dolls are so fun and whimsical. I think we are always on the same page with our art projects! Seems like we like the same things. One of these days we will meet up in California with all your sisters and just make art! It would be a fun time.....

    thanks for stopping by the blog........tell Lana Hi!

  3. Your stand up collage doll idea is terrific. I love the fabric skirt and the text on the bodice, plus the fact that you can just sit her any where. I wasn't sure about copic markers and didn't realize they had such brilliant colors. The couple of pens I have, the colors seemed dull. I guess I'll have to try different ones.
    The jellyfish and seahorses were my favorite parts of the exhibit as well. Great pictures. You were lucky to hit a clear day on the 17 miles drive. Cute drawings Rachel.

  4. connie, I cannot wait to see the ruler frame when it is done! It's getting so close to the end!

  5. Rachael's pictures are outstanding! Did she do these on the manual mode on her camera? I have not learned that yet :0 The jelly fish are my fav too and these are great shots....Love paper dolls too
    Laura H :)