Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mini Book Made From #1 Coin Envelope

My good friend, Lois, gave me a box of #1 coin envelopes. I decided to make a quick project and turn one of those small envelopes into a mini book/pendant.
Here's some of the steps I took to create it. These are what the envelopes look like. They're 3 1/2" x 2 1/4".
I cut off the flap at the top and folded the envelope in half.
Then I cut some scrapbook paper slightly smaller than the envelope and folded them in half. 
Then I sewed them to the center of the envelope.
With the open envelope ends, I made pockets to hold little tags. Below is the tag from the front cover pocket.
This is the tag that's inserted in the back cover pocket.
And here are all my inside pages embellished....
That's it, I hope it inspires you to create one of these mini books with your leftover scraps/embellishments. (excuse the bright orange nails, it shows much brighter on camera!)

I also have to share with you these adorable "foot loose" tags my sister Diana made.
They're so adorable - love them all!

Next weekend we're off to Santa Monica. Tastemade (a foodie YouTube channel) invited my daughter to film at their studios - so excited!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. How cute these little mini coin envelope books are. What a clever use of the envelopes as the starting point. Love each individual page and I like the dangling chain - nice touch. I know what my next project will be.
    Thanks for the great instructions and inspiring me again.

  2. i love how you developed this mini book. so clever using the #1 penny coin envelopes. love your image selection as well. so nice of lois to share the envelopes with you.

    diana's "foot loose" interpretation of your project is so adorable.

    have fun next week with your family in santa monica... rachel is making many firsts! now to be featured on a TV u tube program... so happy for her success.


    lana cano kloch