Monday, August 26, 2013

Published in Somerset Holidays & Celebrations 2013

I'm so excited to have two articles published in the upcoming issue of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations 2013 .I've never been published in this magazine before!
I made projects for Christmas and Valentine's Day...see below.
 I turned matchboxes into mini shadow box ornaments.
 For Valentine's Day, I created a couple of fabric wall hangings.
 My good friend, Niely, is also in this issue with her adorable clay birds!

We also just got back from LA this weekend, where my daughter, Rachel, was filming some YouTube videos at the Tastemade studios...
I'll have more pictures to share in my next post...but we had a blast and I'm so proud of my daughter!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Connie - Congratulations on getting published once again...great job! Also, kudos to Rachel for getting invited to film at the Tastemade Studios...what an honor!

  2. congrats!! holidays and celebrations is one of my favorite magazines! I'm running out today to get it! and your daughter wow!! xo

  3. Connie - Congratulations! You have a never-ending imagination and I love your creations. R