Sunday, October 20, 2013

Journal Workshop

Yesterday, I hosted a journal was a beautiful day to get together with family and friends and create art. We played with paints, sprays, stencils and stamps. Following are some pictures from the class. We first started with some spray inks.
  Then we layered some stencils on top...
We also did some mono printing with the Gelli plate.
And added collaged elements from magazines.
We painted and doodled on bags, tags and folders...
And everyone created such fun and beautiful pieces, I love them all!

On another note, I have something surprising to share. I was shopping at Joann's today - you can never have enough supplies ;-). I was at the Tim Holtz section and I looked up...

There, in front of me...larger than life...a picture of the necklace I had made for Tim Holtz. Last year I had made some necklaces for his booth at the winter CHA show  The necklaces were all created from elements from his idea-logy line. The necklace pictured at Joann's was the one Tim actually asked to keep, it's all one long necklace. How cool is that???! Let me know if you see this photo at your local Joann's store.

Be happy, create art!


  1. Connie
    had sosoosos much fun painting and stamping and doodling OH MY!!
    Thank you for EVERYTHING!! You are far too generous with all your supplies, the perfect instructions, tips on other artists,sharing pens (white out) spray bottles) having minestrone soup...Everyone there so kind & creative.......Lovely......xo Laura Himm

  2. Ditto, I couldn't have asked for a better day! Many Thanks, Valerie

  3. Thanks, Connie, for hosting a great art workshop. I'm having fun filling up my journal with lots of neat ideas. Congrats on Tim Holtz selecting your art to promote his products...great promo for him as well as for you!

  4. How awesome is that to see your own creation hanging above the Tim Holtz section. He must think very highly of your work to have your necklace represent the tim Holtz line of products. Thanks also for another great workshop - It was packed was so much good information and techniques. Thanks for being so generous with your supplies.

  5. looks like the craft class was awesome. the journals turned out beautifully.

    how wonderful that your necklace was featured in the ads throughout the nation in tim holtz's product line..

    did the ad identify you as the creator?

    way to go connie..

    lana cano kloch

  6. Dear Connie,

    Finally today I got a shipment of my sprays (it took forever and joann's didn't have all colors)... I'm having so much fun tonight!!! Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge & supplies... Always fun around you!