Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Handmade Christmas Card

Most of my Christmas cards have been sent out, so I think it's safe to show the finished card...
Thanks to my friend, Laura Himm, who gave me the adorable paper napkin with the girl, that I was inspired to create these cards. As soon as I saw that napkin, I immediately knew I had to use it somehow for my Christmas card. The napkin is a design from Sally Jean, you can purchase from here: Gray Mouse. I purchased other coordinating paper napkins from HomeGoods and I was all set to come up with a design.
Below are the steps I took to create the card. I cut up the napkins into strips and separated each napkin into a single ply. The napkins are actually made of 3 layers, you want to discard the 2 blank layers and use the single layer that has the printed's very thin and transparent.
I used dictionary paper for the background.
Then I used Mod Podge and adhered all the napkins to a piece of card stock.
 I stamped Merry Christmas on some ledger paper and punched out some green leaves for an accent.
I then stitched around the border of the card with black thread on my sewing machine. Afterwards, I finished by doodling some white accents with my favorite BIC white correction pen and added a couple of rivets at the top so I could add some black and white twine. I hope this inspires you to use paper napkins for one of your projects!

On another holiday note, I just love this last video my daughter posted on YouTube: How to Make Peppermint cupcakes and Candy Cane festive looking!
It's countdown to Christmas...I can't wait! Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. OMG the cupcakes look divine and I will check out the video! Your daughter is so talented and so inspirational to young people I'm sure...
    OK those cards are a delightful....I love that image so much and so happy you loved it!
    I love all the steps you took and of course shared with all of us!!!
    Happy Holidays Merry Merry and of course Happy New Year 2014 to more creating....xoxoox Laura H :)

  2. I love your Xmas card - thanks for showing us the steps for making this beautiful card.

    The video of Rachel creating the peppermint cupcakes was terrific. You two are definitely a creative dynamo.

  3. Rachel, those cupcakes and candy cane stands are so darn cute! Connie, thanks for sharing how you put together your wonderful Christmas card. I didn't know that the green branch was a punch. I always learn something new from you.