Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creating for Tim Holtz & Red Lead

In the last couple of months, I've had the honor of creating samples for two of my favorite people/companies: Tim Holtz and Red Lead. As you may know, the CHA Winter 2014 show is currently taking place in Anaheim, California. This is a big show for all the crafting brands to showcase their new products for the year. I was thrilled to be asked to create some jewelry samples to be displayed at Tim Holtz's booth for this year's CHA show. Below are the pieces I made:
The pendant is a watch case filled with resin
One of Tim's new products is these awesome letter press blocks.
Tim also told me that the necklace I made for last year's CHA show, pictured below...
 ...will be features in his new book, "A Compendium of Curiosities Vol III...I can't wait to see it! 
Thanks to Tim and Paula for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this creative experience!

Red Lead is a wonderful retail and on-line store in St. Louis, Missouri. They carry some very unique products that you won't find any where else. I was thrilled when they asked me to be a guest artist for them, and make some samples with their products. Below is a picture of some of the items they sent me to create with...
I can show you a couple of the finished products now, the rest I'll reveal when they're ready to release the images with their promotions.
These are Valentine's Day inspired ATC cards. One is for the "pocket" theme and the other is featuring their adorable fairy stamp. The projects I made using the birds items will be shown at the end of January with their ATB (Artist Trading Blocks) event, and the house projects will be shown in March with their house swap event! Sign up for their newsletter and follow their creative projects.

And finally, congratulations to my daughter, Rachel, who this weekend surpassed 100,000 subscribers for her YouTube channel: KawaiiSweetWorld WooHoo!!!

Wow, we couldn't have imagined that just 3 years ago when she posted her first video that she'd would have such a vast audience. We're so proud of her!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. love the vibrant colours of your Red Lead ATCs!

  2. kudos to you! so proud that you are featured @ tim holtz's cha exhibit and his new book and at RED LEAD too.

    congratulations to rachel for her reaching the 100,000 subscriber milestone on her u tube videos. she is so creative.. the videos keep getting more interesting.

    lana cano kloch

  3. Connie - Kudos to you for being asked to create for Tim Holtz and Red Lead!

    Also - Congrats Rachel on the success of your YouTube channel - quite an accomplishment for such a young girl!

  4. Congratulations Connie! Your necklaces are beautiful and can't wait to see what else you made for Red Lead.

    Good job Rachel! Amazing accomplishment for someone so young.

  5. Bravo!!! Yet again the most beautiful jewels!!!!! I would love too order a necklace from you sometime in the future when you have time etc! Love love all but 1st one has my heart!
    Rachael wow what a great success at such a young age.....You must be extremely proud Connie....Happy New Year XO Laura H

  6. Thank you Connie, for sharing the beautiful jewelry you made for tim holtz's CHA booth. It makes me want to run out to Michaels to see how to repurpose his products into jewelry. I want to add that found-object look to my creations. Congrats to be featured in the new book, too!
    Louise (Lily and Jasmine Treasures)