Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Character Construction Calendar & Much More

Happy New Years! I'm ready to show the entire 2014 collaborative Character Construction calendar.
Catherine Moore is the wonderful artist of the Character Construction stamps, and she selected 12 artists to participate in this calendar. Each artist created a page for one of the months, using her stamps and/or paper. We've done this project in previous years, however this year we decided to take it one step further and send the images to a photo company to produce a 5"x5" spiral bound calendar.

Here are the pages!
Front Cover: Catherine Moore (Georgia)
Back Cover: Nancy Gene Armstrong (Louisiana)
January: Laura Haviland (Canada)
February: Barbara Smith (Florida)
March: Connie Fong (California)
April: Jackie Peters (Oklahoma)
May: Nancy Gene Armstrong (Louisiana)
June: Lisa Bruno (Oklahoma)
July: Linda Warlyn (Illinois)
August: Lana Kloch (California)
September: Vilma Gasnier (France)
October: Florance Loft (Canada)
November: Pat Rogerson (United Kingdom)
December: Diana Frankel (California)
I love each and every page. Thank you to everyone who participated and most of all, thank you to Catherine Moore for creating such wonderful stamps! 

I also wanted to share some pictures from a little craft workshop I held with some friends over the holidays.
Our first project was painting circles on some journal paper. We then cut the circles out, glued them on some painted card stock, and finished them with some doodling and stamping. Inspired from Roben Marie Smith.
 I think these make some adorable note cards. 
 Next, we did some mod-podge with paper napkins and tissue paper on manila folders.
And we made these adorable folders...
I then took it one step further. I used one of the folders my daughter Rachel made and turned it into our thank you notes for the Christmas gifts. I scanned her folder and added the "Thank You" text to one of the circles using Photoshop. 
These were some of the supplies we used for the folders. Most of the napkins are from Crate and Barrel.

I also want to share some wonderful artwork that Shannon Benedetti created with Catherine's new line of stamps. Adorable tags, mini cards and an amazing shadow box!

The winter 2014 CHA show is next week and I'll be able to share some exciting news...stay tuned!


  1. Your colorful circles are like eye candy on the notecards - beautifully done.
    Your paper napkins/tissue folders are fantastic. Rachel, great job on your folder/thank you card. The composition is beautiful. I can't wait to try all of these ideas. Shannon's tags and note cards using Catherine's new stamps are so cute - nice touch with the giraffe on the envelope.

  2. The calendars came out beautifully...well done!

  3. Wowsa is all I can say "Awesome Connie" and thank you. Love ya.xoxo
    You never stop sharing beautiful creative magic..always a pleasure to have a long peek...

  4. Just stumbled on your blog today. I love your work. I love circles! You inspired me to play with painted circles today. Thank you!