Monday, May 12, 2014

Making New Dolls

In the last couple weeks, I worked on creating some new dolls. I'm still so inspired from the doll making online class I took from Danita that I keep making new ones.
I found that making them in an assembly line is very efficient, so I started four at once. Here's some pictures of my work in progress...
Cutting the doll shape.
Dolls all stuffed.
Painting the flesh color faces.
Adding faces and hair...and they're coming to life.
I finished two of the four dolls...
My blondie with black horn rim glasses.
I tried something new this time and added wire in the legs and arms so the dolls are now poseable.
My red head in Tim Holtz fabric.

And on a last note, here's another sample I made for RedLead using their adorable chip board dresses.
Hope all the mothers out there enjoyed a wonderful weekend, as I know I did! 


  1. Connie I don't know how you stay so inspired and focused...I am having a hard time getting my creative juices flowing...You are amazing! Thank you as always for inspiration and sharing allot of really cool art....
    xo Laura H

  2. Awwww, love those dolls. I like the cute little burlap shoulder bag and the bouquet of flowers. Adorable. What a great idea putting wire in the legs and arms! Red Lead is lucky to have you making creations for them. The dresses are beautifully presented in the hanging format you used.