Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Roben Marie Smith Project

I recently signed up for a couple more Roben Marie Smith (http://www.robenmarie.com/) online workshops. I just love her style and her classes are great! The projects shown below are from two of her workshops: "Journal Bound" and "Snap and Share".

For this post today I'll share pictures from her online workshop, "Journal Bound". This is the journal opened up. 
It starts with using used newsprint - the stuff you put under your project to protect your table from getting paint on on it.  It makes for great backgrounds!
Next you transform the newsprint by adding various paper circles, paint, stamps, ink, pencils, and you come up with this colorful journal cover. 
Below is a picture of the inside pages I created before it was bound together.
And here's the finished project...
Front cover
Inside pages open up from both sides

I also took Roben's "Snap and Share" workshop - you make some cute projects that you can use to share your photos with. I'll post those pictures later this week. 

I also want to share this amazing paper doll that Laura Haviland sent me - what a fun surprise to open up the mail and see this wonderful doll. Thank you Laura for sharing your lovely art with me. The colors are beautiful and love her whimsy!

Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your RMS "journal bound" book is exquisite!! Thanks for showing the steps you went through - it turned out really amazing. Great colors and composition. How nice of Laura to send you a paper doll - very beautiful and mystical.

  2. Love these Connie :) You are so very inspiring.....
    Thank you as always for sharing :)
    Laura H :)