Monday, June 30, 2014

Mixed Media House Workshop & Published Articles

This past weekend I taught a workshop on how to make mixed media houses. The students made these adorable houses...
The foundation of these houses came from RedLead. They have a web site: that sells adorable wooden trinkets that you can use in so many ways.

Several students brought their family photos to use to make their projects more personal, I just love them!
It was such a fun workshop...thanks to my sister Frances for hosting!

In other news, I have 5 articles in 3 publications coming out in July: Somerset Studio, Somerset Life and Jewelry Affaire. Thanks to Stampington for selecting my projects and doing such a fabulous job photographing them..I'm thrilled!
In Somerset Studio, I have three articles included and I also made the cover headline for my Teeny Tiny Dolls :-).
The first project below is the shadow box I made from the 7 Gypsies library drawer that was displayed at the CHA show.

The second article features the tags I made from frame stamps that I got from Joann's dollar bin.
The third article is the one featured on the cover; my dolls made from miniature furniture.
Then in the Somerset Life magazine they published the doll I made that was inspired from Claudine Hellmuth book, "Collage Discover Workshop: Beyond The Unexpected"'s a great book with many fun ideas!
The last publication to share with you is Jewelry Affaire, where they featured three necklaces I made for Tim Holtz's CHA booth.
I'm always thrilled to see my work being published - thank you Stampington for making my dreams come true and for creating amazing publications that can inspire so many!


  1. Thx for fabulous workshop & thrilled with how great each house came out. Your magazine articles are amazing & each piece truly a work of art. Thx for continually inspiring us to create & giving us wonderful ideas. F

  2. It is nice for your readers and terrific for you that Stampington recognizes your creativity as well as your productivity, Connie! Grocery store or Bookstore is on my list for today, July 1st, maybe I'll be able to score a copy of Stampington Studio when it first comes out! I did go to JoAnns right away after you created with them to buy those cute picture frames (although, not like you, I didn't immediately create something fun and amusing! Maybe today - it will be up to 95 later today and that is highly unusual for Eugene Oregon! A good afternoon to get out my craft supplies and create! Thanks for inspiring me - REGULARLY!

    Mary in Oregon

  3. Connie the art in the magazines is absolutely beautiful!! I love everything
    I am so sad to have missed class and I hope I can still get a kit
    Congrats on all the published articles...XXOO Laura H

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for your kind words. I do have a kit saved for you, I'll try to send it out this week. Connie

    2. Thank YOU :) got it today Can't wait for another class maybe Fall??
      I love your spread in Somerset Studio :)
      Happy Summer
      xo Laura H

  4. Connie, thank you so much for putting on the house workshop. I appreciate all your hard work and organization because it's so much effort on your part. It was soooo fun! Congratulations on getting published for your awesome creations. Have to look for magazines
    P.S. Special thanks to Frances for great working place along with comfort food/goodies. R

  5. Talent Amazing Connie, I am so thrilled for you and it is so wonderful to see all your fabulous published art work. Truly over the moon artful beautiful creations !! Your house workshop looked like such fun..Hey wanted to share that I am back on the CC creative design team..You are such a positive inspiration always. Big Hugs, xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Laura, you're always so kinda. I'm thrilled you're back with CC design team - look forward to seeing more of your wonderful inspirinig work!

  6. I'd really like some of those tiny houses. Yours don't seem to exactly match what's available on Red House though. Do you sell them?